1. J

    Die setup for Concentricity/Neck Tension on a Progressive

    I have been thinking of jumping down the rabbit hole of case prep by chasing low runout and consistent neck tension and have reached the point of analysis paralysis. I am holding off on purchasing new die/tools until I get a good idea of what I will need. I am currently loading on a Hornady LNL...
  2. J

    Gun Wall

    Got a wild hair last night and went to Lowes this morning. Got $160 in it so far and need to spend about $100 more on lumber for shelves. I'm gonna do two 32 inch tall and wide shelves on either side of a 32 inch wide standing gun rack. I'll post the finished pictures in a few days.
  3. Y

    Which Savage for long range shooting?

    I've been contemplating a long range rifle for a while now and finally decided to bite the bullet. Im wanting an out of the box sub MOA rifle that I can shoot from the get go and slowly build on as the money comes in. My original idea was a Remington 700 but after discussing this with a few...
  4. BiggerStick47

    Fieldcraft For those afraid to paint their weapons.......

    Recently I decided to paint my Noveske Recon. I wanted to try the sponge technique as it looks great in most of the pics I've seen. Normally I just spray on some OD and Khaki Krylon in no particular pattern or get my buddy (lawman734) to work his magic, but this time wanted something different...
  5. U

    Maggie’s ouch! do not try this at home: laser tag w/dog

  6. GUNNER75

    Hunting & Fishing Got a Wyo, Out of State, Special Elk tag!

    It is on. First time apply.