SOLD Sightron SIII Long Range 8-32x56mm MOA 2 Reticle - $700 OBO

    SOLD Sightron SIII Long Range 8-32x56mm MOA 2 Reticle - $700 OBO Model #25149 This scope is lightly used and in good condition, slight ring marks from some nightforce rings and very slight marks on the bell that are barely noticeable. Glass is flawless, turrets track true and no mechanical...
  2. O

    Remington 700 Identification - 7mm RUM HELP!

    G'day fellas, need some thoughts and help. *Be gentle please, first time poster long time lurker* I have recently bought a Remington 700 in 7mm RUM (<40 rnds fired unsure as to the mag installed but pushing 3.8") Need help identifying the rifle and what has been done to it as the shop cant tell...
  3. forthehunt

    Scope for custom 7mm Rem Mag

    G'day. I'll start with the basic info and then the wordy stuff later. Platform? Bolt action (Defiance Deviant Action) Cartridge? 7mm Rem Mag Intended use? Mountain/Alps hunting, hunting discipline competitions, long distance target shooting Light conditions? Hunting in very low light...
  4. Seating Depth Target.jpg

    Seating Depth Target.jpg

    Seating Depth Target
  5. S

    Wooden falling target - is it possible?

    My crew and I want to make several falling target for our range. We have several ideas how to make these target on our own and some of those ideas include wooden instead of steel targets which would ideally by easily replaceable. The falling mechanism is based on slight incline of the target...
  6. J

    Aftermarket Triggers For Bergara B-14R ?

    Could we create a post on the various replacement triggers available for the Bergara B-14R? I've read several posts on the subject. Sounds like some trigger assemblies are better suited than others due to the firing spring strength and/or aftermarket stocks. What are some of the problems that...
  7. MisterOrange

    Targets for load development

    I know, I know, there's a million choices already. But I wasn't 100% happy with anything I've found yet. I had the time this morning, so I drew one up. I designed the target the way I want it, with the aiming point being the tippy top of the triangle. One inch line going up from the tip, half...
  8. C

    Bergara Premium Series vs Tikka Tac A1?

    Hi all, First of all, thanks for looking and this post. Any help would be appreciated! I'm looking into getting a 6.5 creedmoor bolt action rifle which will be used mostly for target shooting with the very occasional trip out hunting with friends. I've been really liking the look of the...
  9. Timsar

    Firearms Ruger RPR, PRS ready, full setup 308 & 6.5 CR, $3500

    RUGER Precision Rifle (RPR), Ranger Tan Cerakote $1500 Comes with two barrels: 1) .308 Factory & 2) Custom LRI match grade 6.5 creedmoor, spiral fluted ($900) Both share the same bolt. 6.5 CR is currently installed. Like New! Less than 100 rounds on 308 & 40 rounds on 6.5CR Included items are...
  10. Timsar

    Firearms WTS/WTT: Custom JP LRP-07 one of a kind, signed by JP. Price reduced $3950

    JP LRP-07 Caliber: 308 win Receiver : Machined-from-billet 7075-T6 upper/lower receiver set with Dual charging handle. left-side charging system and standard rear charging handle. Barrel: 1-10 twist, Polished stainless JP Supermatch™ 416R air-gauged, button-rifled, cryogenically treated barrel...
  11. B

    Ruger Mk II or Mk III wanted

    Hiya guy from South East PA... I posted this on a local fire arms forum, and thought I would try here, apologies if a "wanted" post is bad form for a newbie Ideally, I'm looking for the S/S Government Target Model with the 6-7/8" bull barrel in S/S. From what I understand this...
  12. S

    The ultimate target stand!

    This is 50/50 product and DIY...but I recently came across a new product called The Last Stand ( and basically you buy their molded joint system and go to the hardware store to buy some #4 rebar and you have a fully adjustable, bullet resistant and very transportable target...
  13. B

    Rifle Scopes mk4 4.5-14x40 target

    How do these compare to other Mk4s? I note that they're a lot cheaper, and have target knobs as opposed to M1/2/3 knobs, and they are also lighter. I'm considering buying one and getting M1 knobs installed, I prefer the 40mm objective to the 50mm
  14. Seuss

    BC for Wolf Match Target?

    Anyone? Thanks.
  15. O

    Ruger M77 243 Target Rifle

    I recently picked up a Ruger MK2 Target rifle in 243 Win. A buddy had it for a couple of weeks and needed some cash fast,so i got a good deal on it, and the 2 boxes of brass he shot though it. Now heres my problem? This thing soots like SHIT!!!! I dont consider 1 1/2-2 MOA at 100yrds a target...
  16. 762frmafr


    i have a load of AR500 coming in pretty soon, and i need some plans for some steel targets. anyone have any links i could look at? i want stuff that when i shoot at it it moves. like poppers and such or cool spinners. static steel gets boring after a while. thanks a bunch. if it works out, i...
  17. ssgp2

    WiFi target monitoring

    Part 1 Why? Shooting long range target is a lot of fun, but it`s a pain to drive down to the target to see the results. Unless your shooting at a range where you have target service(Highpower) or using steel, seeing holes trought your optic past 400yds is tricky. Many solutions are...
  18. rockybrashear

    Gunsmithing savage target actions

    i was looking at target actions on the savage web sit the other day and noticed that most came in either a .223 or "standard bolt head". what do they mean by standard bolt head exactly? is it any other standard cartidge sizes offered by savage or what?
  19. JoeMartin

    200 Yard Shooting - A21 -vs- TQ4 Target?

    For those of us (and those who will) that are shooting 200 yards on the A21 Target (or smaller metal targets such as a 6x8 inch gong like I shoot at),,, I'm wondering if the A21 Target is even needed once a person works out their Dope for 200 yard .22LR shooting? It seems to me that the 100...
  20. LoneWolfUSMC

    Snipers Hide Dot Target variation?

    I know I saw it on here somewhere, but can't find it. Does anyone have a link to the SH Dot Drill target that is the small black dots surrounded by a larger black circle? (NOT THE GROUP TARGET) I could make one fairly easily, but why reinvent the wheel? Thanks