1. S

    Tuning MDT 6BR Mags

    Looking for recommendations how tune MDT 6br mags. Bought 2 mags and both not functioning properly. Every 7/8 round nose dives when either running the bolt or doing it by hand. impact action and mpa chassis. If you had a similar issue and fixed pls let me know how. Thank you
  2. pxlperf

    Remington 700 Purchase Advice

    I apologize for the new account new-b question... but I am looking to get a Remmington 700. There are a couple of reasons... I'll spare you them but I've done my research and I'm confident it's the right choice. There are two options available that look good. My question is, one is clearly...
  3. G

    Savage TR

    Went and shot today with dads savage tr and tried out fed am, cci tactical, cci standard, cci quiets, center x, wolf me. All at 50. The results weren't that great. Wolf me with cci tactical as a close second. Shoots great with sparrow, but is lacking without. Sorry for no pics. Wolf a little...
  4. applevalleyjoe

    Gunsmithing Tuning the Factory Standard Rem700 Trigger

    I know that the factory trigger can be replaced with aftermarket triggers such as Timney, Jewell, Shileen, Basixx,Huber, et. al. But what can be done to the factory trigger to enhance/tune performance?
  5. memilanuk

    Ultrasonic cleaner 'tuning'

    Question for those of you who have tried this w/ your cleaners... any advice as far as how to go about this 'tuning' process? I've seen some reference to making a special lid and using some different height spacers, but nothing more specific than that. If someone has way too much time on their...
  6. M

    Reloading for gas guns, tuning the gas system?

    I'm reloading for my LR308 with a Krieger 1:11 twist 20" barrel. I can get some great velocity of course at the cost of killing my brass after very few loadings. I was easily passing 2750 with 168gr AMAX bullets and Varget but my primer pockets were getting pretty loose and I tossed the brass...