1. H

    Hunting & Fishing Made another stack of cordwood this weekend

    We have had the best hog hunting spell ever The last 2 weeks. We managed to get another 10 this weekend. Makes a total of 16 for the year at this place. Managed to get 2 of them with my 9mm XD. It was pretty cool.
  2. D

    A good weekend!

    The mailman may not be happy with me, but I sure am pleased. A MCM htg adj, 1150 nosler 155 cc's, bottom metal, 20 boxes of m118 special ball, and 2 boxes of 190 smk's in one delivery. Now got to get rid of the HS 700 VS stock so I can get more stuff!
  3. Luke

    Raton Sporting Rifles this weekend

    Anybody else going? I'll do my best to get there but battling a head cold I just got today. Hopefully I'll see some others there
  4. X

    Nice Shooting!! NY F Class this weekend

    Got whupped like a rented mule by Panzer 075 today at the Albany Palma match. He was seriously into the tiny F Class target at 1000 yds. One string I think was 96 with several x---didn't get the totals, but his 308 w/bipod was kicken ass. My first time shooting at that devil's invention of a...
  5. S

    Angle Shoot Training this weekend

    We decided to go to a friend’s deer lease near the panhandle for some angle shoot training. We set up different positions each day with several UKD targets placed along the valley. We practiced milling the targets before hitting with the laser and adjusting for slope. We had a blast and...
  6. A

    Weekend fun with my Barrett M82CQ pics and video:)

    Took out the Barrett M82 CQ this weekend for some fun. The range i went to only had a 100yard range but i decided to do some controlled shots and also some rapid fire shots to explore the our limitations combined. I was quite impressed actually. All the talk about how the M82 is not "accurate"...
  7. S

    Memorial Day weekend any matches?

    Looking for a match on the east coast. Any matches over the Memorial Day weekend?
  8. trigger time

    Hunting & Fishing Good weekend in the woods

    Had a blast with my boy this past weekend. One pig down, one little one caught, one retarded turkey let us call him up with our mouths and roughly 80 bass.
  9. M

    PCSI Multigun this weekend April 5 Ohio

    This Sunday will be the first multigun match of the year for PCSI in Circleville, OH. I know this is a more precision shooting forum, but there are a lot of ARs, tactical shotguns, and handguns that need shot as well. The longest shots will be 100 yards. The match is open to everyone ... no...
  10. desertrat1979

    Bad start to my weekend

    I just ruined my last 500 CCI large rifle primers. They were sitting on a shelf in the cabinet with a milk jug that had water and window tint solution in it. Mysteriously the fucking jug got a hole in the very bottom. The damn box soaked all the way through, the packs were soggy, when I opened...
  11. J

    It better not snow this weekend!

    Finally got my scope today (great deals at optics planet!). After a lot of reading on here, I decided to use my low budget to get the tasco 6-24 mil dot. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but I've been looking through it a lot and I love it so far for the money. I know that 24x is...