1. MaverickNH

    Night Vision VIS/IR Lasers & White Lights Questions

    OK - new to NV and just have a PVS-14/helmet system on order (with SF-M1 for helmet-mount). For purposes of indoor/outdoor home defense, and night coyote hunting in the NE, I'll be looking for lasers and lights for a SIG556R (with ACOG 3x30), SIG556 (with EOTech XPS3-4 and 3xMag) and Glock 17...
  2. J

    Black Hills 77gr WHITE box

    Gentlemen, Does anyone have experience with .223 Black Hills 77gr hollow point Match ammo. I want a Mk262 type 77gr round for a Noveske Stainless upper I have on order. I was told this is Factory reloads from once fired brass, that it is in the white box due to blemishes on the cases. Other...
  3. R

    WTK: Value of My M25 White Feather **

    Contemplating selling or trading my Springfield Armory M25 White Feather package (no optics) with bipod, hardcase and 10rd mag. 60 rounds down the pipe 98/99% condition. Interested in opinions on current market value. Thank you Ron
  4. R

    Movie Theater Meet the White Family of West Virginia

    I swear I never had sex with any of them: <div style="background-color:black;width:400px;height:331px;overflow:hidden;"><div><embed src="http://www.mtv.com/jackassworld/player/embed/site/" width="400" height="331" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  5. K

    White Oak Armament BCG

    No sure if this is the right place for this question but does WOA make thier bolts/carriers in house? If not who makes them? Thanks -King I tried google with no luck
  6. shooter65

    Hunting & Fishing White deer

  7. M

    Fieldcraft White light on rifle?

    Before I get to my question I'll give you a little background that'll shed some light on why I'm asking this. I'm the Sniper for a small town police department SRT. I train to take shots from 10 yards out to 300+. These ranges fit the my urban/rural surroundings. My rifle currently has a Super...
  8. M

    Winchester White Box 7.62 ammo

    Local money pit got in some Winchester white box 7.62x51 147gr. FMJ ammo for $16.99/20. I noticed the brass is WCC marked, and has the little NATO circle doohickey on it. Would this ammo be worthwhile for general plinking in a DPMS LR-308? Is the brass any good for reloading? Are the primers...
  9. thatguy

    Gunsmithing green in white?

    ok, im not sure if this is the right forum, but i just hit my bushmaster with some winter camo(wrapped in string and mesh bag with white.). i was wondering if anyone would see a point in adding green or brown to winter/arctic camo. any sugestions would be greatly appreciated. also, i dont...
  10. 76fixer

    Hunting & Fishing White tail afternoon

    Took these today. Usually 10 of them show up at 3 am for a snack on the cedar tress in the yard, today was 5 pm and 4 of them. This could be dad from last year, taken with a bow at 11 yards, ground level no blind. and on the wall below