1. cudby

    6x47 Lapua... my first wildcat

    Hi guys, 6mmBR did not work in my rifle I was in the process of building a 6mmBR when it did not work out and i have abandon it. I have decided to get another project going and its going to be a 6x47 Lapua. 6x47 Lapua So this is my first wildcat caliber and would like to ask for advise...
  2. P

    the 7mm Practical???

    Hey guys, I found this while I was browsing for how well the 7 rem mag does down range. This looks pretty friggin awesome. Check it out.The 7mm Practical. A Practical Magnum.
  3. N

    .22 cal wildcat from 6.8 SPC

    Picked up a 6.8 Rem SPC case at the range recently. Neat little case. Seemed to me if it was necked down to .22 cal it would be a nice compromise between the .223 Rem and .22-250 Rem. More velocity than a .223, but easier on barrels than a .22-250. I assume this has been done already...
  4. rweldon

    Winchester Wildcat .22 in Semi Autos

    Has anybody ever heard that Winchester Wildcat .22 doesn't work well with semi autos, meaning it doesn't cycle well. I just bought the wife a Sig Mosquito and 2000 rounds of Winchester Wildcat. I would've bought Remington, but that's all I could find. My Dad's buddy told me it won't cycle...
  5. J


    So I ran out of Aguila this morning and found some Wildcat that I had forgotten to try out in my ammo box. I was very happy with it. I didn't dial in the cross hairs for it, but it was grouping just as well as the Aguila and it's a lot easier to find locally. Anyone else shoot with it?