1. glock24

    Remington X-Mark Pro Trigger - Old versus New?

    My first Remington SPS had the adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger that required the removal of the nail polish from the set screws before any adjustments could be made. This is the trigger I read about being less than repeatable if the trigger weight is set too low. My second Remington SPS has this...
  2. rc2125

    Gunsmithing Xmark tune up

    Took this standard xmark apart, polished all the engagement areas and replaced the spring that does the pull weight. Used the spring off of an automotive air stem valve as the big "fix". The factory spring is only like a 1/4" long, and when you back out the screw trying to reduce pull weight...
  3. J

    Remington X-Mark Trigger Question

    I just picked up a new 5R with the X-Mark trigger on it. I've got a AICS stock on the way for the rifle, but after some reading, I'm not sure if the x-mark safety will fit in the AICS. Am I going to need to replace the trigger or safety to fit the AICS? If so, will any aftermarket 700 trigger...
  4. M

    Gunsmithing Broke an X-Mark Pro trigger, need advice

    The finger lever broke off at the adjustment screw, must have inadvertantly bumped it while it was out of the stock. anyway, I'm looking for a LH replacement trigger. I noticed on Rifle Basix website that only their "K" type triggers will fit a rifle originally fitted with the x-mark pro, and...
  5. S

    Gunsmithing X-Mark trigger question???

    Can the x-mark trigger be worked down to under a 1lb trigger? Anyone know who can do this for me?? Thanks Lee
  6. S

    Remington new X-Mark trigger????

    Whats the scoop on this trigger? Whats the good bad or ugly of this new Remington trigger. I bought one, and it will be the first one i have ever messed with. Just looking for some of your opinions! Thanks Lee
  7. J

    Gunsmithing X-mark Pro Trigger adjustment

    I backed THE "screw" out quite far, and the weight is still a little heavy.... is that the way it is? My 700PSS has a much lighter pull weight...