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Night Vision $399 Thermal Monocular Giveaway Campaign “Deer 1444M” (Xinfrared T2 Pro)

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#Xinfrared T2 Pro

New Thermal Monocular Experience Officer Giveaway Campaign

We are giving away 20 sets of our newest thermal monocular through the Xinfrared

T2 Pro giveaway campaign by recruiting T2 Pro Experience Officers!

1.The Introduction of Xinfrared T2 Pro:

The Xinfrared T2 Pro thermal monocular is a revolutionary outdoor consumer product! This Xinfrared monocular helps you look beyond the horizon, and is equipped with InfiRay high-performance thermal imaging detector and long adjustable lens. It enables you to detect the person at 1300 meters and recognize him at 325 meters. You can detect deer at 1444 meters and recognize it at 360 meters . By applying as an Experience Officer you could receive your own Xinfrared T2 Pro for free!
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2.T2 Pro Experience Officer Recruitment Period:

Recruitment Period:July 26, 2022 – August 30, 2022
Announcement Date:September 5, 2022

3.Qualification of Candidates:

3.1 A hunting lover who has published at least five influential posts the forum of Snipershide.com.
3.2 Own a Youtube channel, Facebook account, Instagram, or other social media(at least one Channel).
3.3 Demonstrating experiences of thermal scopes and thermal cameras.
3.4 At least 18 years of age.

4.T2 Pro Experience Officer Recruitment Quantity:
Select at most 20 officers from the candidates.
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5.How to Join:

5.1 First step, reply to this post with your hunting experiences, interested hunting games, main hunting gears (such as bow, or rifle, AR15, etc.), thermal cameras type(scopes, monocular, binoculars, clip on, if brand is InfiRay, please specify) .

5.2 Second step, contact us through Facebook InfiRay official’ page: https://www.facebook.com/InfiRayHQ

Or via email: [email protected]
I'm an avid hunter. I hunt mostly in Texas bc that's where I currently live. Also, some internationally - Argentina, Romania, canadia, and South Africa.

Currently, I hunt hogs, at night, with thermals the most. I help a friend take clients out. We go at least once a month.

We've been pretty dead set on using Pulsar equipment.

Ive just joined Snipers Hide, and don't have a youtube channel, but I talk with at least 3 people about hunting a day, and am a member at a large rifle club.

If you'd consider someone who gives personal recommendations to people they actually know (instead of internet strangers) I'd be interested in trying your products.

But I also understand I may not meet your requirements.

Hope your venture is successful! Would love to try them out.
Does the grip/handle that comes with this have a 1/4-20 threaded insert so it can be mounted to a tripod?

It does. I put a little Arca square on the bottom of the grip so I can use it handheld or tripod mounted easily. If I end up using the grip more, I'll probably 3D print a shorter and smaller grip that has built in Arca like a Swarovski spotter foot as well as a 1/4-20 female on the bottom.
Any updates on this! Looks very interesting for sure but wondering if its buggy or pretty solid. Anybody using it as a scanner when scouting?


I ended up putting a camera arm mount clamp on it. It clamps right to the leg of a tripod or roll bar of a sxs. This works very well. Camera uses your cell phone battery and I get 6 or more hours on an old one. The ability to turn the screen brightness way down really helps keep your face from being lit up. Also choosing a color palette that's mostly dark.
This looks pretty good! Is that on a tablet? Do you have the device outside the blind connected to USB-C?


Missed this. That's an old Galaxy 10 phone. The camera is behind the phone in the provided mount and just high enough to see out of the window. I did pick up an 6ft usb-c cable incase we mounted it to the outside of the sxs with the screen inside.