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Suppressors Attachment options? - TBAC 338Ultra Gen2 & SiCo Hybrid 46M


Feb 9, 2024
South Carolina
I have a TBAC 338 Ultra Gen 2 BA and a SilencerCo Hybrid 46M (and a NYX Mod2) coming to my local ATF jail this week.

Disclaimer: They are my first cans ever, so the following questions may be really dumb.

The 46M is primarily to use on my 458 SOCOM. And at least try on my 45 and 9mm pistols.

The TBAC is for my 308 bolt gun and my 223 Wylde AR. I got the 338 because I am eyeing an 8.6BO at some point. And, I primarily shoot from a bench, so I'm not too concerned (yet, anyway) about the size/weight of the can.

Now that the cans are coming, I need to figure out how I want to setup to attach them.

First question: Is there any way to attach the TBAC to a SiCo ASR muzzle brake?

Alternatively, is there any way to setup my rifles so I could use the TBAC and the 46M on the same rifle? Short of having the TBAC can modified for Direct Thread mount? I am envisioning the possibility of wanting to use the TBAC from a bench, for max noise reduction. But, possibly wanting to use the 46M on the same rifle, when I want something short and lighter and just want SOME noise reduction, but don't need max quiet.

I think there is no good way to do this (but wanted to ask, just in case), so moving on...

It looks like my options for attaching the TBAC to my 223 and 308 are:

- 223CB and 30CB muzzle brakes on the rifles, and a BA2CB adapter for the can.
- 30BA brakes on the rifles and no adapter needed for the can.
- 223CB brake and BA2CB adapter for the 223, and 30BA brake on the 308.

The CB brakes look like they would be more effective in reducing recoil than the BA brakes. But, having to buy a CB2BA adapter makes that the more expensive option. And, I assume the CB2BA adapter would make that the heavier and more complicated option, as well.

I don't care about the extra expense, if that is the better way to go.

So, aside from the different cost, what is the better way to go in setting up my rifles for using the TBAC can?