Coleman’s Creek 1-day Team Match 14 Aug


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Sep 21, 2019
Coleman’s Creek, located in Ellerbe NC, on 14 August: be hosting a 1-day, 6 stage, team match. All of the stages will be blind with 4min par times, stages will be comprised of both pistol and rifle engagements.

The match is designed to test shooters abilities to find, range, and engage unknown distance targets out to 1000yds. A more detailed course description and match sign up can be found on Practice Score (link below).

As shooters from NC, we understand that the heat in August is a factor! This is a non physical event, setting up shooting positions and drawing pistols is the only physical test. The MDs have designed this match to be fun, challenging and efficient! We aim to start promptly, issue an encompassing stage brief via email, limit squad sizes, limit the waiting and issue out trophies to the top-3 teams before 3pm.

-If you’re lacking a partner, do not hesitate to contact myself or email through Practice Score, we may be able to link you up with another singleton. Or even allow you to compete in the match solo.

If you are unfamiliar with Coleman’s Creek; it’s is a great long range training facility. With a 8 unique ranges and capability to shot out to 1-mile. Coleman’s Creek has hosted several team matches including the Vortex Sniper Challenge and it’s own 2-day Coleman’s Creek Team Match. Which, we intend to run again this December. The match directors for both the 1-day and 2-day matches are competitors themselves and run the coveted USASOC Sniper Competition annually.

Official Coleman’s Creek:


Coleman’s Creek 14 August Match

Please PM or reply with any questions!