Fun at the 300yard range today with LMT MWS & Rock River EOP 18" bull, with PICS!


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  • Jun 3, 2012
    Just got back from the 300yard range today and had a wonderful time with the 7.62 LMT MWS 20"CL & 5.56 Rock River Arms EOP 18" cryo treated bull barrel. Figured I would share my reload results with you all. Both rifles are sporting the very same vortex 4-16x50 PST FFP scopes (yes, I like the scope that much I have two of them). LMT has larue LT158 mount, and rock river EOP has vortex "seekins" LOW rings. I think I'm going to try a different style target next time. Wasn't a huge fan of the round shoot-n-see targets (more of a square / diamond type target fan myself)..... BTW, my konus 20-60x80 spotting scope had absolutely no problems what so ever seeing .224 bullet holes on white paper at 300yards and it was total overcast crappy conditions. The shoot-n-see targets with my new konus spotting scope wasn't even needed. I think I'll just make my own 3" square with fine crosshair targets myself with a black magic marker. To my amazement I was getting a lot of mirage off the melting snow @ ~40degrees temp. I purchased some .50cent 2'x3' white paper, and $1 2'x3' black colored 1/4"thick foam core cardboard from the dollar store. Stapled the 2'x3' white paper over the black foam-core cardboard with 6 total targets on the 2'x3' cheaper white paper. 3"size individual targets works best IMO @ 300yards with my 16x scope. The black foam core 1/4" thick cardboard backer can be re-used no problem. No problem at all for my new konus 20-60x80 spotting scope to see .224 bullet holes @ 300yards on plain white paper with this method FYI. .308 bullet holes were a walk in the park to spot FYI. This was with harris bipods and rear sand bags.

    So far, I'm pretty happy with the results with the LMT using some much cheaper soft point boat tail bullets. Next time I hit the range I'm going to load up some AMAX bullets for the LMT. Not too darn bad for really cheap bullets $24.99 per 100count box with about .822 moa results. I'm not screwing around on the next trip and will bust out the AMAX. I'll get back to you all with the results.

    My rock river arms EOP 18" cryo treated bull barrel (comes stock that way from factory) rifle was a power house today. I'm beyond impressed with this rifle! It is safe to say my rock river EOP is more accurate than my LMT and one of my most favorite rifles in my collection....... and to think I only paid about $1100 for the base rifle is amazing. Hornady VMAX 60grn bullets with 23.8grn varget was absolutely kicking ass with damn near 1/2moa results.

    5.56 ROCK RIVER EOP 18" BULL BARREL, 10SHOTS @ 300YARDS (about .5256 moa) :


    7.62 LMT MWS 20"CL, 10SHOTS @ 300YARDS (about .822 moa):


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