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Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

I took my daughter out to lunch a few days ago. I asked her which vehicle she would like to go in and she picked the 89 suburban. A few miles down the road she asked me why don't they make seats like this anymore? Like what? I asked. "Big and cushy like a couch".
Looking at the prices of brand spanking new cars and trucks, and then looking at the prices of very good looking older trucks and cars.....and knowing what "they" are doing to the new cars.......I will never buy another new vehicle of any kind.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are expecting to have a full flight. Please stow smaller items, such as purses and handbags underneath the seat in front of you and utilize the overhead bin space for larger carryon items.

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You shut your Goddamn whore mouth.

Bearclaw loved the womens. But he swore a woman's breast was the hardest rock that the Almighty ever made on this earth, and he could find no sign on it.

WIth greatest respect... He was a commie and a shit stabber.

But he "Played" a Mountain Man like a great actor.

Probably blew Harvey Weinstein to get the role.