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The Griffin Armament DUAL-LOK™ HRT 556™ suppressor is a high durability, low flash, high performance, compact, lightweight suppressor. It provides very high sound reduction on short and long barrel 5.56mm duty rifles.

This suppressor is a tube over construction, laser welded Recce 5 Mod 4 core, built in DUAL-LOK™ interface, HRT applicable (shorter) length model. We recently demonstrated this suppressor in Quantico to military weapon systems procurement officers from duty stations all over the world, and their observations and remarks were very positive. It seemed they were especially impressed by the mounting system, and we greatly appreciated the opportunity we were extended to show them the product. A multi-jurisdictional SWAT team recently selected Griffin suppressors and they mentioned they were really impressed with the high sound reduction and light weight of the HRT 556™ suppressors.

DUAL-LOK™ HRT 556™ Specs:

DIMS: 1.5”x 5.9”
Weight: 14.4oz
Sound pressure Level: 134db - 16”, 135.6db – 11.5” (5.56mm Griffin MK1 rifles)
MSRP: $995.00

Key points :

  • Wear free mounting system, requires no consumable parts
  • Taper lock interface ensures security and accuracy
  • ACME thread provides speed of attachment
  • Locking ring incorporates 3 anti-rotation teeth to eliminate inadvertent loosening
  • 120 effective positions ensure a rock-solid suppressor mount and provide extremely low POI shift
  • 17-4 stainless steel & 718 Inconel construction
  • Traditional Tube Design with internal flash hiding characteristics
  • Patent pending ECO-FLOW™ baffle system for reduced blow back
  • Patented flash reducing end cap
  • ¾” wrench flats on muzzle devices
  • Collar Nitrided black for increased surface hardness, corrosion, and wear resistance
  • Heat treated and Cerakoted Black and FDE in a heat resistant finish
  • Warrantied for life with Griffin’s Perpetual Lifetime Warranty

Muzzle devices supported :

DUAL-LOK™ Titanium Minimalist Brake (6AL4V)
DUAL-LOK™ Minimalist Brake
DUAL-LOK™ Minimalist Flash Suppressor
DUAL-LOK™ 2 Port Paladin Brake
DUAL-LOK™ 2.25” Stealth Flash Suppressor
DUAL-LOK™ Tactical Compensator

Thread pitches supported:

1/2x28 (.22cal & 9mm)
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