Grip Widths for Vertical Grip Stocks

Jerry D

Nov 23, 2020
I'm looking at putting together a new build and I've seen there's a few threads on stocks but not much on grip width.

I really like the feel and widths of traditional hunting style stocks. I've measured a few and they are between 1.4-1.5" wide.

My only experience with a vertical grip is the choate tactical and it is much too wide for comfort. It measures 1.90" wide.

I like the looks of the mcmillian A5 and online its saying 1.8" wide. I see a lot of manners with large palm swells as well.

If anyone has some options, can they please provide the width of the grip at the widest point?

Looking for something that is comfortable to carry as well as shoot!

I'd like to see the eh1 and msc t2, mcs t6, msc T if anyone has those measurements of the width of the palm swells it would be great.

I'll maybe give Manners a call and see if I can find that info out but I'm open to other suggestions in the mcmillian and ag composites line ups as well.



Old tired dad
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Sep 7, 2011
Denver CO
I wear a size 7 sterile glove.
Medium if not sterile.

Am 5’8” ish.

Both Mcmillian A5 and Manners T2/T4 grips are great for me.

Also the KMW Sentinel is amazing in my hand.