1. C

    MK262 Mod-1 "Hasty" Dope Cards Mk12 & M4A1

    Hello all, I have created these dope card for my mk12 and my m4a1 w/an LPVO. I hope you find them useful. The purpose of these charts, in tactical theory, is to increase first-round hit probability against targets (uncertainty variables of range and wind adjusted). Then the user will adjust the...
  2. 3

    Has anyone seen

    "How to Dope The Wind - Beyond Belief" video by Best of The West? I just wonder if its worth it or is there a better teaching tool out there?
  3. VKC

    Training Courses Review of The Ballistic Edge 3-day precision rifle course @LMS Defense in Fernley NV

    First off, I would like to state that I’m not affiliated with either organization except that I have taken several classes from both. I do not have any financial interest with them either, and am taking my personal time to type up this review only because I feel that this course was absolutely...
  4. K

    Range Report Base change = change in dope?

    I have been shooting for a while now and finally upgraded my scope to a nightforce with 20 moa base and zeroed at 100 yds. With my old scope (nikon buckmaster 4.5-14)also zeroed at 100 yds, it took 8.5 moa to get to 500 yds. Now with my new setup it only took 6 moa. Around the same temp...
  5. H

    Download Excel Dope Chart with scope error fix

    Here is a excel file I have created to tailor dope charts to my scope with corrections for MOA errors of the known indications versus real world MOA. It is set up to work on anyone's scope. Just tab through and enter data where needed. If no scope error simply set MOA for one full rotation and...
  6. wjwill

    Range Report Figuring your bullet drop for a dope card???

    I went to buy a scope dope today and the guy told me to shoot 3 rounds at each distance on the card. then take the average of each shot at each range and use that for my dope. Am I being fed bullshit here? Can someone explain how they figure a scope dope car?
  7. JRose

    Range Report In a pinch, need AR50 dope!!!

    I'm going to take the AR50 to a friends house, and have a few rounds of Talon blue tip AP (linked ammo). Does anyone have some round about dope for an AR50 using this, or similar surp ammo? I won't have time to chrono any of it before I go... Jason
  8. A

    Range Report Anybody have a dope table for FGMM .308?

  9. P

    My Wolf dope and 150yd/200yd group.

    Seem like posting up tested dopes is a good thing around here, so here is mine. Savage MKII FV .22lr EGW 20moa base Burris XTR med. rings Falcon 4.5-18x Wolf Match Extra ammo Sharp Shooter Supply JVT stock Harris 6-9" Eagle stock pack TIS sling. I was planning on dope all the way out to...
  10. Jimmy2Times

    Rifle Scopes Dope math using a Mil/Mil based scope.

    Ok, so I'm looking to replace my 3 Leupold MKIV's with USO ST-10's. Now, all my life I have been using 1/4 MOA clicks on my scopes, and a mil dot reticle for range estimation for the last 10 years. So range dope using MOA is second nature to me and I can figure the dope without much thought at...
  11. H

    Dope & Results @ 200, 300, & 400 yds-Fed Am Eagle

    Had a perfect day today, very little wind, 70 deg. F, & sunny! Ammo is Federal American Eagle 40 gr. solid, Averages 1248 fps in my gun, an Anschutz 64 MPR. $1.59 a box! Shoots consistent .3-.5" 50 yard groups, twice as big as Wolf ME but 1/4 the price. Groups at 100 yards on out seem to be...
  12. P

    Range Report TTI Armory 308 Subsonic Dope

    Just picked up 40 rounds of this, 170g flatpoint bullet. Anyone have exp with this ammo? To maximize my trigger time and not waste a bunch of rounds trying to get on paper, Looking for how much of a drop im going to have from my 100 yd M118LR zero.
  13. S

    Range Report dope question

    Here goes. I have an sps tactical (20" 308) that is currently zeroed at 100yds with 168 fgmm. I am going to a 600yd match this saturday. This will be the first time taking it past 300yd. I have a few m118lr rounds that I will be using for this occasion. My questions are, how many mils do i need...
  14. H

    22 LR dope to 300 yds - Wolf ME shooting data

    This is an old post of mine from 2009 that I thought my have some interesting info in it.... NEW NOTE: added Feb. 6, 2019: This is the "old" Wolf Match Extra, made by SK, velocity was average 1058 fps @ 60 deg. F. NOTE: Edited to add: My dope is actually in "Inches at 100 yards" instead of...
  15. O

    Range Report FGMM .308 168 dope needed

    I don't have a chrono and need the initial dope for the factory load. It will be shot from a factory 20 inch Rem SPS Tac. I couldn't find it in a few searches so figured I would ask. Thanks Omni