JP Modularity Question


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Oct 21, 2006
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I’ve had a few factory AR10s, including MWS (still have one) and a JP LRP. Having had only factory AR10s, I’ve never really delved into the lego aspect of the platform. Is there a quick primer on the major varieties and how they piece together (or not)?

Along those lines, thinking of ordering a JP LRP or LRI. Three areas I’d want flexibility in are the trigger, the barrel (I know they offer Proof; but interested in Bartlein as well), and the handguard (want an SLR or like with thinner profile). Is this possible to modify the JP LRP or LRI in these areas?


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Feb 5, 2011
As far as the trigger, barrel and GB are concerned, you can swap them without any issues in either platform. IIRC, JP's handguards are a proprietary system, and cannot be swapped as readily. I could be wrong in that, but they are just a phone call away, and their CS is great...they normally answer the phone, which is rather rare these days (unless you're Mike Rescigno at Tac Ops...that dude is great) LOL!!!