Suppressors  K can for 5.56 SBR


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Jan 1, 2012
North Carolina
Looking for a shorter suppressor to put on my 5.56 SBR. 10.5” and 12”. Yes I understand it’s not gonna be quiet, looking for short, light and low blowback.

Looking at the following ones and wanted some input especially if you have experience with them on 5.56 SBRs. I found a Jumbo Shrimp Locally and tried it on the 10.5” AR I have, felt great on there but didn’t get to shoot it at all.

Rugged Radiant
Rugged Micro 30
TBAC Dominus K
Q Jumbo Shrimp

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Feb 27, 2017
Very low back pressure on my rugged razor and it makes my 11.5" much more enjoyable to shoot. Saves bit over the other models if you're not dead set on the length in short configuration. Razor is 6.4" and can usually be had for around $600. A lot of the "k" marketed cans are 5.5" and standard stuff comes in at 7.5"+.

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  • Sep 17, 2004
    I use the Turbo K and it has high back pressure. But I mitigate that with the Surefire BCG setup. Gun shoots like a dream.

    I have it in 556 due to sound issues with 30 cal short cans in 556 10.5. I have a high pressure sound meter and I’m barely hearing safe with the turbo K and barely not hearing safe with the Micro30.


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    Jun 18, 2020
    I have a 10.5" so I can give my own opinion at least about some of it.

    If length of the can is the primary concern there are a few options out there. That said a true K can really narrows the list for you in a lot of ways. An actual K can will by nature generally have less back pressure simply because of less baffles.

    If minimizing blowback or weight are the primary concerns look at tubeless 30 caliber cans. I am an admitted Griffin fan and I am most familiar with theirs but don't let that prevent you from looking at other options. There are others along the same lines.

    The Explorr series is very light and small for the most part. It actually weighs less than some designated "K cans" out there even though it's not actually K. If you get the .30 cal version (I have one) it will reduce back pressure a lot simply by nature of the larger bore*. (*I am being specific to referring to shooting it on a 5.56 SBR) Plus both the 5.56 and 30 cal versions are balanced gas wise for gas guns. Basically that means they don't restrict forward gas flow as much as other 'traditional' cans. Basically you take a few decibels from the 'at the ear' side and put those at the muzzle as well as having significantly less back pressure just by nature of the design.

    You really have a number of options but it would help if the priority list were put in order. If short is an absolute requirement that's ok. If you can tolerate an extra inch of length so long as it's light, ok, that's good to know... and so on...
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  • Mar 8, 2018
    I have the older version of the OSS HX-QD® 556K on my 10.5" AR pistol and really like it. I still wear ear plugs with it but it's nothing like listening to the howitzer-like blast whenever the trigger is squeezed.

    I have a lot of the OSS suppressors for my gas guns and have done ZERO weapons modifications to get them to function. They don't get any dirtier than when they weren't wearing any cans.

    They really do what they say they will do.