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Lubricate inside of case neck?


Full Member
Dec 14, 2006
Wilson, NC
Is it SOP to lubricate the inside of each case neck when pressing boat-tail bullets?

Speaking of - what's your preferred method of lubricating cases in general - spray, pad, finger lube it, etc.?
Re: Lubricate inside of case neck?

1 tbsp Olive oil, 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol in a windex bottle. Shake well, spritz liberally done.

If you find the case going into the die easily but difficult coming out you need to lube the neck ball. I found this to be the case more for FL resize cases that I did not previously prep in any way.

If you lube the inside of the neck I find that a funnel which fits inside the neck is necessary to keep the powder from sticking in the neck even after a swipe with a qtip.
Re: Lubricate inside of case neck?

i have a dedicated floor model drill press....with a nylon brush jocked up in it....i feed it steel wool and i actually polish the inside of my necks,,,,,then blow out any residual carbon and steel wool and media with compressed air.....this helps keep the SD's in single digits also.
Re: Lubricate inside of case neck?

I use the shot/moly kit made by NECO. Stainless Steel and Molybdenum Disulfide.

Instantly lowered my ES. NECO, 707-747-0897
Re: Lubricate inside of case neck?

When I'm really obsessing about it, I do what Boltripper does. Then I lube the inside with a bore brush to apply Boron Nitride. I hate wet lube on the inside; damned powder sticks and annoys the shit out of me.
Some fine hand loaders remove the sizer button.

I polish mine with 400 grit sand paper with the stem chucked in a drill / screwdriver, then with micro fiber cloth and flitz. Talk about smooth. Repeat as the sizer needs it.
Re: Lubricate inside of case neck?

Carbon fouling in the neck is a constant.
Time is better spent throwing in a polisher before sizing.
Inspect cases while lubing.
Fl re-size.
Ultrasonic can remove the "dirt" but not quickly.
(send pm if you want to know more about ultrasonic)
Neck size.