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  1. Outlaw45

    Rifle Scopes something inside a Nightforce

    I have a NXS 8-32x56 NP-R2 mounted on a Armalite AR-50. New gun and new scope. The first time I shot the gun, I shot 10 rounds of American Eagle 50bmg. No problems and loved the scope. Yesterday I took the the gun out for the second time and shot 13 rounds. After the 9th round I noticed...
  2. N

    Lubricate inside of case neck?

    Is it SOP to lubricate the inside of each case neck when pressing boat-tail bullets? Speaking of - what's your preferred method of lubricating cases in general - spray, pad, finger lube it, etc.?
  3. FNuser

    Howa Long Action Inside Mag Dimensions?

    Anybody got one to give me measurements?
  4. H

    Gunsmithing regarding cleaning rod rotation inside a barrel

    Hey guys, sorry I'm bit of a newbie but I just had a quick question regarding how a cleaning rod acts whilst being pushed inside the bore. I have noticed with my only rifle (a .22-250) that when I run patches (pre-cut tetra-gun .22 cleaning strips) down the bore on a spear tipped jag, the rod...
  5. Tucsondave

    Photos inside pix

  6. J

    Armalite AR10 (T) available, link inside

    Alright guys I have tried searching but nothing useful came up. I'm contemplating about purchashing an AR10 TN, it's a special editon T. The barrel is sand blasted instead of being shiny and the forward part of the handguard has four rails on it. I know they are guaranteed 1MOA. How true is...
  7. G

    Gunsmithing Cerakote Finish for a Bolt Action - Spray Inside?

    I will be using Cerakote on a bolt action (Sako M995) and would like to know if the inside of the action is typically sprayed or masked off.
  8. gimmefuel

    Which Stock? n00b content inside

    Looking @ replacing the Houge overmold on my 700SPS Tactical(.308). I like the look and feel of it but not so impressed by the "flexy-ness" of it. The gun is goint to be used @ the range most of the time and probaly during the cpl weeks of deer season. I was looking @ the Choate stuff and for...
  9. USMCj

    Gunsmithing Bedded my scope base! Step by step and Pics inside

    Let me start off by saying that I do not have a lot of experience when it comes to bedding, I learned how to bed a rifle by looking at Randys (HateCA) DIY page and by asking him a billion questions via e-mail (which he was more than willing to answer) I have since bedded 3 rifles, 2 bottom...
  10. diggler1833

    Rifle Scopes Interesting reflection inside Super Sniper scope

    I noticed today as I was looking through my 16x SS that if I moved my eye to the left side of the scope I could see a reflection of what was behind me instead of being able to see through the scope. I know that the view would be distorted obviously as my eye is not centered in the scope, but...
  11. C

    Fieldcraft What is our favorate digital camo (pics inside)

    I have been testing ACU and MARPAT woodland They both work good in different situations ACU works good in shadows or gray areas but looks like a rock in the light in Urban it very hard to see at 150 meters and in desert works good enough. Marpat woodland works good when laying down in woodland...
  12. flounderv2

    Rifle back from the gunsmith. Pics inside.

    So as the title says, I had a few things done to my rifle. All work was done by Thunder Valley precision here in Ohio. The work looks great and the rifle shoots the same. Contact Tom Sarver on this board if youre interested in getting some work done. The work I had done was a threaded barrel...
  13. superde

    Lube the inside of case necks when resizing?

    I've got a friend who has been reloading for 15 years, and he does not. I have been, but it is a PITA because it adds time. What say you?