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Most suitable scope for moving targets


Aug 30, 2023
Greetings everyone.
After years of shooting pistols I have just taken up rifle shooting and plan to go on hunting trips and seeking advice on the most suitable scope taking into consideration the following:
Long action Bolt rifle (Savage 110 hunter)
300 WIN MAG caliber
Will be used in hunting moving animals (wild boar) in Europe
Shooting will be during daylight
Distances between 200-400 meters
FFP is my inclination based on what I read but be glad to hear views on this
Minimum 30mm or better tube/Mil system
Looking for simplicity in a scope and not having to deal with turrets frequently, with parallax, good eye relief (greater than 3.5 inches)
Price upto $1000
Thank you in advance
For a decent low cost scope you might check out Athlon.

I went to their website, 45 scopes listed in rifle scope section only which made me more confused :)
Can you advise at least on the ideal magnification and reticle type for such caliber.
Thank you
300 Win Mag,200-400m range, field hunting and stand hunting> Get a SFP Leupold VX3HD or better with Duplex or Windplex reticle. 2.5-8 or 3.5-10 ( I favour the former). Spend your money on ammo/practice shooting from field positions rather than on a scope with a complex reticle and high magnification.. At that range it is not clear to me why more scope is going to get you more hunting success. At 200-400m, hit your boar with the first shot and you won't need to shoot at a moving animal.
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I might take a different approach. On one hand, you are asking about a moving target, which would lead me toward something like a Tremor reticle, but the Tremor is found on more expensive scopes. On the other hand, a Savage, while a great general-purpose rifle, is generally not the most accurate shooter to deserve spending money on an expensive scope.

Maybe, take a look at the Arken scopes, and find a reticle you like. You are going to get a better scope than Athlon, but not spend Nightforce money.
Shooting moving pigs and coyotes, I love a thicker, illuminated reticle, and the circle dot design is something that I have become quite used to.

There is some trade-off in that longer range precision can be affected a bit by the thicker reticle...but if you aren't out to shoot targets it shouldn't be much of an issue. I'd go 10x max if it were me, but YMMV. Trying to hit a moving animal at 20+MPH over 10x magnification is doable...but it is noticeably more difficult, and especially so in uneven terrain where the animal may be going up and down in addition to the left/right.