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  • 2021 is the gift that keeps on giving...

    Perhaps the Evergreen had been transporting a load of dicks too... The ship could have made that turn... But some n00b hire on board failed to heed the "Do Not Touch or Rub Containers" warning placards, and the rest they say, is history...

    Seriously though... WTF...

    Mark Coffey

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    Dec 6, 2018
    Fort Worth
    This is a disturbing video of a novice rockcrawler! I have no knowledge of this incident. But, I have been into off-roading for over 40 years and spectators do bear some responsibility. I have told countless people to move, watch out for straps and winch cables breaking, vehicles rolling, throttles sticking, brakes malfunctioning, etc. I have personally seen countless people get hurt, some seriously! I have literally had people grab my vehicle, push it, pull it, crawl under it, behind it. All while I’m trying to overcome an obstacle and without my knowledge of their “help”. I pray the injured women makes a full recovery and that the driver excepts responsibility for his actions.