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NCPPRC March LR Match Results

NorCal Vu

Gunny Sergeant
Full Member
Dec 20, 2004
Sacramento Area
What a great day to shoot. All the dirty guns were washed with the constant rain and wind. First relay 308 shooters were around 10MOA of right windage at 1K. On 2nd relay I had 8 MOA in for my 260rem. Marc S. was using 2 + mils with his 243.

33 men came out to shoot with several not making it to the finish due to equipment problems.

1 Kirkpatrick, John 430 3X
2 Dunlap, John 395 3X
3 Bowen, Jerry 389 4X
4 Wahlmerer, Greg 374 0X
5 Lake, Peter 363 2X
6 Soulie, Marc 360 4X
7 Denny, Jacob 352 5X
8 Ducos, Joe 347 2X
9 Kerley, David 336 2X
10 Shaw, Shawn 336 2X
11 Lorenzo, Dennis 335 1X
12 Sandretto, Don 327 3X
13 Skitarellic, David 326 1X
14 Cruz, Vincent 321 4X
15 Van Gerpen, Matt 310 2X
16 Icay, Eric 304 0X
17 Lu, Jason 304 1X
18 Pham, Vu 302 2X
19 Davis, Dave 300 1X
20 Lake, Dave 295 1X
21 Thomas, Robert 284 3X
22 Guiffreda, Vince 282 0X
23 Sanders, Brian 272 5X
24 Buckley, Sam 268 2X
25 Bloed, Nick 258 0X
26 Lo, Cha 252 0X
27 Asher, Andrew 244 2X
28 Heaton, Robert 244 0X
29 Dunnett, Robert 243 1X
30 Herrling, Erik 238 3X
31 Santoso, Satria 184 1X
32 King, Rich 172 0X
33 Parker, Shane 150 0X

The 33 guys that came out made it possible to donate 645.00 to Mike Miller on the US National FTR Team going to England. Thank you all that gave up their warm beds this am for a wet, windy and cold day on the range.

Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

It was raining sideways today. The couple of flags that we do run as a range safety requirement were water logged and still flying tight and level. My target blew off of the backer a couple of times because the cardboard was too mushy to hold a staple. Score sheets were turning to paste on the clip boards for us in the pits and had to be replaced and redone. Lots of fun and good cheer through it all with plenty of jokes and backslapping at the end.

It was strange looking through glasses and a scope that were all covered in rain drops. If we'd had more light I bet it would have been like a kaleidascope of colors. Instead it was just dark grey and obscured. I can remember stuffing ammo into my magazines and seeing water and gritty shit all over everything. Then I had some very sticky bolt extractions and big shiny spots on the head stamps of the cases. I really noticed the increased chamber pressures from having water all over my ammo. That was a first I'd only heard of it before.

I wore my Grunden's commercial fishing rubbers so all the guys were calling me the Gorton's Fisherman and giving me shit but I stayed as dry as a bone HA!

Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: MarcS</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I wore my Grunden's commercial fishing rubbers so all the guys were calling me the Gorton's Fisherman and giving me shit but I stayed as dry as a bone HA!

Marc </div></div>

And you looked dayum good in your lil fishin outfit Marc!!! It was good to see you shooting today bud, lets hope that next month is a lil drier, I got a bunch of shiny headstamps now to.
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

gritty shit all over everything....build character....

on a side note....how many folks got waterlogged objective lenses with it raining sideways......i would like to know as there is this DICKHEAD on another forum that thinks a commercial ARD is the slick lash-up for his Springfield armory scope....and i of course got a way better tried and true method to keep the rain out and the glare off........for a much much less expensive deal....so

what up ?
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

Both ocular and objective lenses were completely covered with droplets of water on mine. It was like condensed moisture on a glass of ice water. If I had a sunshade extension it probably would have helped some. What is the cheap, tried and true method you mentioned?
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

My rear eye piece was completely covered with water. Front was doing OK due to the 4" sun shade on it.

The guys rolling TAB Rifle covers did ok.

Tell us your secret BR.
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

I left my TAB cover in my pack out of laziness. I figured it would have only delayed the inevitable soaking anyway.

Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

i normally shoot with both eyes open but with all the water on the ocular, my left eye was taking over dominance. i had to close my left eye to be able to see through the scope. i can't remember that ever happening before.

i gave up on trying to keep my ammo dry and was more concerned about gravel sticking to it. i was out for one string of fire because i got gravel in my chamber and i couldn't close my bolt. i got that taken care of but still had some serious issues at 900 and 1k. i was being told that my rounds were impacting the berm but i find that VERY hard to believe. especially when adding 2 moa put me at the top of the head on the target. i have a feeling the target was too soggy to see the holes. that was very frustrating but overall it was an extremely fun match.
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

no secret Vu....and others ....

pantyhose footie and a rubber band to hold it on the objective end of the scope.....no flash and keeps the driven rain out

methinks i'm going to link this to my know-it-all-putz-been-there-done-that-go-fast-operator.....on the other side of the red river....
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

Sweet..next time we get that type of rain out here I am going to try that out.


Frustrating was the vagina flapping to my right. That was annoying to say the least.

Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

They really do move around in the wind when they are exposed huh? Good to get your heart rate up...I don't think the rain and wind were enough variables yesterday. On the bright side, you might have someone you can borrow the pantyhose from...
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

Andrew I rarely get that loud and pissed da fuck off on the line but shooter cries EACH AND EVERY TIME no matter what the conditions are. I kindly (maybe not) told him to get the sand out and shoot or go home.

He then had the nerve to tell our line boss to radio down into the pits and ask them not to pull my target to see how I liked it. What a POS.

Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

Fun shoot yesterday. I got home and was cleaning crap out of my rifle for an hour. A few weeks ago I was shooting at the 100 yard range with 20-30mph winds at Sac and was ready for the soaked optics. I noticed that my 2" sunshade on my objective was enough to keep the rain out. I kept q-tips in my kit to soak up water from the eyepiece when it got wet. Was good enough to let me see the target. Next time Im bringing my TAB cover instead of leaving it at home as a useless piece in the gun closet. I had pressure problems almost every other round from water on my ammo. Almost had to stand up off the rifle to lift the handle for some of these roudns. At one point there was so much pressure my extractor got stuck with shaved brass. Shot a couple of rounds and it freed itself up. At the 800 and 900 lines I started to wipe down the bolt before i put the magazine in. This seemed to keep the soaked bolt from dripping water onto the rounds below. Pressure problems were gone.
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

i just got around to cleaning my rifle. my ejector was frozen flush with the bolt face. my last two rounds of the day extracted fine but didn't eject so that was the problem. my bolt lugs have some rash from grinding gravel into dust. there was a bunch of ground up gravel down in the bottom of the receiver behind the barrel. it is good as new now.
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

Sundays LR match was fun to shoot and excellent training IMO. I was out on the steel range 2 Tuesdays prior and the rain was frickin coming in damn near horizontal under the half cover roof area.As a result, for Sundays match I loaded all 6 of my mags and put them in ziplock baggies with rounds facing toward the ziplock. I would unzip the baggie and load the mag into my rifle, without touching the mag with my wet and gravel riddin hands. I also covered my chamber and chamber flag with plastic between COF to keep all the water out. In addition, I rested my pack up against the side of my chamber while target were being cleaned up to keep the water away from the plastic which covered my chamber. When the targets came up, I would push my pack away and remove the plastic and then ready to shoot. I managed to keep most of water out but did have a few sticky bolts by the time I made it to 900. Either way, the match was fun and challenging both on the line and in the pits... trying to identify hits which oftentimes were mistaken for large raindrops made it difficult sometimes, especially for the little bullets. Good time either way glad I came out...
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

My 2" sunshade was fine for me - but the rain was blowing at about 8 o'clock.

I finally figured at 900 that I could extend my jacket hood over my objective and keep the rain off, but by that time it was too late!

I had some weird shit going on the first round at 800 and 900. Dropping 1/2 a target low, then the next two were fine, but I compensated and had 6 misses - kept the round in the chamber too long - cooling?
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

Vu I heard what was going on down the line and I thought you were going to jump up and beat his ass. Seriously. That guy is known as a crybaby by everyone who shoots out there and they were all laughing at him about it. Some guys just like to cry I guess. Then again I spiked a rifle once so I shouldn't say anything LOL.

Andrew that was hilarious.

Boltripper that sounds like a pretty good idea I'll try it next time.

Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

Nah.....the guy just needed a reality check. It's done and hopefully he will fix his attitude before joining us on the line again.
Re: NCPPRC March LR Match Results

It was fun, and a learning experience. I was fortunate and no problems with my rifle or ammo.

One thing for sure though, it's just a game for us. A serious one, but still just a game. As I was laying there on the rifle in the rain thinking about my next wind call and shot, I thought about what it must have been like to be one of the snipers in VN where the rain was torrential, they crawled a 1000 yards through the muck, not stood up and walked, and they were out for days at a time in it. Not just a couple hours and then home to clean the rifle.