1. mmahoney

    Optics SOLD: March 5-40x56 FML-1 FFP

    Scope is in flawless/like new condition. $2275 shipped and insured to your door. Paypal Friends and Family preferred. Thanks for looking.
  2. S

    SOLD NIB March High Master 5-42x56

    *SOLD March High Master 5-42x56. FFP. FML-TR1 (Tree) reticle.
  3. O

    Optics WTS: March 5-42x56 FML-TR1 (D42HV56WFIML) ** PRICE LOWERED **

    I have a March 5-42x56 with the illuminated FML-TR1 reticle I'd like to sell. I purchased this to try out a high magnification scope (never owned one). It's never been mounted on a rifle, just set in lower rings next to other scopes to do comparisons. It does have the excellent locking turrets...
  4. Kimber.204

    Optics SOLD.........March MAR-1073 3-24x52 FML-T1 ......SOLD

    SOLD I've got a 3-24 x 52mm objective with the FML-T1 It's about a year old and has only been out of the safe three times. To range for bench shooting only. It's like new. I have the original box with paperwork and accessories. Asking $2300 shipped CONUS. Sphur mount not included, but may be...
  5. L

    Rifle Scopes New March HM vs S&B

    Hi everyone, I need your feedback to make a decision, so here's my question : If ruggedness and tracking is your only concern, what would you choose between the new March HM 5-42x56 and the S&B PMII 4-45x56 ? I already tried a March scope so i know that i won't be disappointed by the glass, but...
  6. W

    SOLD!!! - March 10-60x56mm HM w 3/32 Dot reticle

    SOLD!!! - March 10-60x56mm High Master 34mm scope with 3/32 Dot reticle and tactical turrets (model MAR1078). March's flip caps, sunshade, and modifier disk (reduces mirage effect) are in the box. The glass clarity is incredible and the zoom range makes shooting even more fun. Scope is in...
  7. lowlight

    Rifle Scopes March-F 3x-24x52...

    Been looking forward to this scope since Shot
  8. Samegawa

    Rifle Scopes Impressions from the range...

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, so I want to know if it is OK to post a summary of a test we made of some nice riflescopes the other weekend. It includes about 18 scopes, among them Hensolt, Kahles, USO, Ior, Nightforce, Vortex, S&B, March, Nikon and a few others... We were 9 shooters with...
  9. savageeaglenavy

    Rifle Scopes Which scope for DTA covert KAhles or March

    After a lot of reading and research in my opinion S & B have been replaced by the FFP march 5-40 and Khales 6-24. Both if these scopes have or are coming out with a MSR/ACR. I know this might ruffle some feathers but please give your insight on which is best and if there is another that is...
  10. K

    Rifle Scopes March scopes

    Anyone have or use one? Are they only benchrest scopes or does anyone use one for a tactical setup? Look good on paper. Any opinions are welcomed.
  11. BgBmBoo

    Rifle Scopes WHAT ABOUT MARCH SCOPES....anyone?

    So what about March scopes? Anyone using them? Good,bad,etc.? Take care,Stan
  12. S

    Rifle Scopes Anyone got a March Tactical Scope Yet???

    Does anyone own a March 1-10 or 2.5-25 Tactical scope? Thoughts, opinions? Is it worth the cash? What is the actual weight? I'm looking for the "perfect" 40mmOBJ scope and hope this is the one. Thanks!
  13. I

    Rifle Scopes March Tacticals

    We have a bunch of March 5-32 Tacticals in stock ready to ship. Start using the clearest glass in the world!
  14. I

    Rifle Scopes 1/4 MOA Clicks available on all March Tacticals!!

    Deon just released the 5-32x and 10-60x with 1/4 MOA clicks, per customer demand!! We are working towards making the market happy!! Ian A. Kelbly
  15. dirkreader

    3 gun in Waco March 28-29

    Sound off if you're shooting this match. I'm in, hope to see you there.
  16. I

    Rifle Scopes March Scopes

    New in the tactical market is the March scopes. Coming out of the Benchrest discipline comes custom made tactical scopes. They feature a ladder type reticle much like the Nightforce NPR-2. They cut the weight of most scopes by around 10 oz. They have Tactical knobs with zero stop sets and can be...
  17. MrMike

    Christmas in March!

    All my reloading stuff came today!!! Except for my primer pocket cleaner But I'm off to a good start. We just moved so as soon as I get the house in order I'll set it all up. I went with all RCBS stuff and have been doing alot of reading. I cant wait get rolling, safely of course I'm glad...
  18. S

    Rifle Scopes Anyone reviewed March Tactical scopes yet?

    Came across these on benchrest central. Look comparable to, but lighter than Nightforce. Anything Kelby's is involved with has good reputation afik... March Tactical Rifle Series 6 Magnification Ratio 5-32x52, 10-60x52 The March Tactical...
  19. T

    TVP Range Record Steel Match March 22nd

    Shooters, On March 22nd at 10:00 A.M. we will be holding our first 16 steel target range record match. Whoever wins this match with the highest score will hold the range record till it is broke at another match. The highest possible score is 160. 10 points for one shot hit, 5 points second...
  20. OFIS

    Rifle Scopes march scopes?