Gunsmithing Que Industries adjustable muzzle brake


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Jan 1, 2008
VA & SoCal
I bought a used rifle with a Que industries adjustable muzzle brake/harmonic tuner. I have not had a chance to shoot this rifle yet, and am wondering if it is worth the added weight and length on the barrel.

Does anyone here have experience with this setup? Is it a valuable tool?



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Re: Que Industries adjustable muzzle brake

I have a stainless Winchester Model 70 in .300 Weatherby with the BOSS system. It definitely works. It's factory with no mods & I can get 1/2 to 3/4" groups with every load I've tried. Show me another rifle setup that can make that claim! This is a licensed clone of the BOSS system, so I expect it to work. How well it works will depend on the rest of the rifle.

I bought the BOSS rifle because the price was right, I wanted a .300 Weatherby, and I like stainless Model 70s. I was not looking for a BOSS rifle.

The only negative I have for the factory BOSS rifles is that they shortened the barrels to keep the same overall length as non-BOSS rifles.

If you don't like the Que industries adjustable muzzle brake/harmonic tuner, you can remove it easily since it only clamps on the barrel.

I have a Rem 700 in .270 WSM that I would love to try one on if you decide to sell & it would fit.