1. 6gunner

    SOLD XLR AR Adjustable butt stock

    I have a used XLR Industries AR butt stock. It’s in great shape. For any questions email me at sixgunner(AT) $150 shipped
  2. N

    SOLD McMillan game scout with grayboe dbm

    STOCK, bottom metal and action screws only. McMillan adjustable game scout for Remington 700 SA. Grayboe m5 bottom metal (stock was inletted by LRI). Barrel channel was opened up a bit (I had a Wilson #4 in it). Bolt knob area was filed a bit and is rough, but you could clean it up. Will...
  3. J

    applied weapp tech stocks

    Just got in my new applied weapons tech stock.its very well built the machining is excellent. Finish is great it had plenty of room for my 1.25 barrel .it weighs in at 4lbs.the company is fairly new the owner polite these stocks are goin to be a hit get on there web sight and check them out if...
  4. LoneWolfUSMC

    Bradley B-24 and Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest Review

    Proper cheek weld is an integral part to precision rifle shooting. Many traditional stocks like those found on the 700P and Savage 10 rifles need some help in this area. I just got a chance to work with a new cheek piece from Bradley Cheek Rests. They are made of Kydex and strap onto the stock...
  5. ranger1183

    Rifle Scopes Windage adjustable AR front sight

    Is there such a thing as a Windage adjustable AR style <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style: italic">FRONT</span></span> sight? I'm looking for something that can be attached to a Picatinny rail and folding if possible. Yeah, I also laughed when I first tried to find one...
  6. A

    Adding adjustable butt to an McM stock

    Guys I have a Sako with a McM varmint stock on it, a lot like a HTG stock, well I am having issues with stock heel slip and also some recoil management problems when prone, I take the recoil on a small part of my skinny assed shoulder and I would like to have the centerline of the stock...
  7. wordisbawn2008

    Gunsmithing adjustable gas block

    is there any reason to have an adjustable gas block on an ar-10 if you never plan on using a suppressor?........and if not is replacing the factory block something one who is not a gunsmith should attempt?
  8. ranger1183

    Gunsmithing Thumbwheel Adjustable Length of Pull

    Does anyone know of a stock maker that can make a bolt action rifle stock with a Thumbwheel Adjustable Length of Pull system? I know Warner Tool Company makes Thumbwheel Adjustable rifle stock hardware, but does any company use hardware like that for making a stock with thumbwheel adjustable...
  9. S

    Rifle Scopes Adjustable objectives and sight picture

    I don’t have much experience with variable power scopes and adjustable objectives. I have noticed that dialing out the parallax creates fuzziness around the outer edges of the field of view. It is clear with good resolution for about 75% of the field of view (center), and a “fuzzy doughnut”...
  10. J

    Gunsmithing adding adjustable LOP to HS stock

    Don't know if this belongs here or the rifle section so I apologize ahead of time. Anyway, I have a spare HS precision take off stock I am playing around with and adding a custom palm swell and butt hook. I was wondering if a company sells an adjustable LOP add on such as the M24 stock. I see...
  11. M

    McMillan HTG or HTG adjustable?

    I am building a 700 in .30-06. I will use it about 50% hunting and 50% on the 1000 yard line. (I mainly shoot my .308 at 1K) I am using a scope with a 42mm objective. Is the HTG going to work for this rifle or is there a reason I would need the HTG? (On a side note, my .308 is an A5 without...
  12. J

    adding adjustable LOP to HS stock

    Don't know if this belongs here or the gunsmith section so I apologize ahead of time. Anyway, I have a spare HS precision take off stock I am playing around with and adding a custom palm swell and butt hook. I was wondering if a company sells an adjustable LOP add on such as the M24 stock. I see...
  13. JCH

    adjustable butt plate

    I have a McMillan 3 way butt plate and I want to get the instructions on how to adjust it. Does anyone know how or have a picture tutorial?
  14. MacMan

    Tubb 4-Way Adjustable Buttplate Help

    Will a David Tubb Will a David Tubb 4-Way Adjustable Buttplate work or be fitted to an HS Stock.It is and older stock with AL bedding block and DBM metal.I do not know the model number but it came from a Rem700 PSS.Any suggestions for some kind of an adj.buttplate? Thanks for your help!
  15. mac37

    Gunsmithing Adding an Adjustable Cheek Piece

    Is it possible to add an adjustable cheek piece to an existing stock? I have a R700 in a bedded HS Precision Sporter stock and would like to use it for some tactical shooting but need to raise the cheek piece for a good weld. I've seen the Karsten unit but not sure if this is the only way to go.
  16. EOS

    Gunsmithing KMW Terry Cross Adjustable Hardware

    Was wondering what my chances are of getting an adjustable cheek hardware kit for an A5 from Terry? I understand the guy is hella busy, ive tried a couple PM's and havnt got any responses. Any info?
  17. Nine_Iron88

    Gunsmithing B&C A5-fully adjustable -- Are We Being Too Picky?

    A friend and I are both rebuilding our .308s, as time, money and the wives permit, he just received his B&C A5 stock he had ordered and in pulling out of the box and inspecting it/dry fitting everything looks great... except the metal channel in the fore end on the bottom of the stock (where the...
  18. E

    Gunsmithing Adjustable gas block

    I finally got around to working on the AR10T gas block. I found that the brass was launched about 20'+ on good days. The reciprocation was violent as well. I increased the reciprocating mass with the Tubb CWS, but still the brass was getting hammered. I also got the Tubb spring and it slowed...
  19. W

    Range Report difference made by adjustable gas block

    How much would my groups improve if I was shooting with the gas off (hand cycleing the weapon) vs. gas on (semi auto)? I own a panther SASS .308 with heavy 18 inch barrel. And also can I reach out to 1000 with this short of a barrel and still kill something such as a deer? I know this isn't the...
  20. S

    Gunsmithing Que Industries adjustable muzzle brake

    I bought a used rifle with a Que industries adjustable muzzle brake/harmonic tuner. I have not had a chance to shoot this rifle yet, and am wondering if it is worth the added weight and length on the barrel. Does anyone here have experience with this setup? Is it a valuable tool? Thanks!