Redfield 550 LRF quickie review ...


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Feb 21, 2010
Finally broke down and bought a laser range finder. I love the Redfield scopes. Decent glass, tracks well, and spaced perfectly. So I thought I'd try the Redfield LRF, not expecting much for $170. I have been surprised.

It is so small I can literally hide it in my hand. Really tiny foot print. I have tried it up to 300 yards on targets and on many known distance objects thru brush. From 100 to 300 yards on targets I have been using and know the distance on, it generated the correct yardage very quickly. Just point and press. It was easy to zero in on the targets as the magnification was quite sufficient. I tried it on houses I had previously ranged and walked off and even thru small openings in brush it never picked up the foreground or trees in between as long as I held it steady. No waffling back and forth at all like with the older Nikon and older Leupold I've tried. Very surprising.

It did, however, have a small black spec of some kind in the front lense (couldn't be wiped off ... it's a defect). Not big enough to be distracting, but it's there.

For $170 I'd say it's a steal so far. Hope to take it out to 550 tomorrow.