Rifle Scopes Ring Question


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Nov 11, 2007
Artesia NM
I am planning to put a USO 5-25X TPAL on a Rem 700 with a 1.25 inch no taper bbl. I want it as low as possible and I have used the calculations for determining ring height and I cant find anything that takes into account the 20 moa cant in the base I have.

Will a set of USO Low rings work? I am figuring the base is about 7mm thick with an objective diameter of 58mm and a 35mm tube. The USO Lows are 1.07" to scope centerline. 1.147 is 1/2 the objective diameter minus .27 for the base height would be .877 center line height to clear?

I want to check my thinking against someone's that actually knows what they are doing before I buy some rings that wont work with my setup.

Any ideas