1. N

    SOLD Nightforce Xtreme high (1.125) 34mm rings, bubble level, angle indicator

    Nightforce Xtreme duty high rings (1.125), bubble level/angle indicator mount top ring and angle indicator. 34mm. Obvious marking on the nut. Doesn’t affect anything. Everything was properly torqued with fix it sticks. This runs over four fifty new. 295️⃣⛵️Will ship same day or next day when...
  2. SneakyDingo1

    Accessories Nope

    Try and get around the rules again and you will be banned longer.
  3. Ghillie21

    Rifle Scopes Scope ring height for Vortex PST Gen 2

    Here's my setup so far: MPA Matrix Chassis Vortex PST Gen 2 5-25 Nightforce 20 MOA Rail Trued R700 action I currently have a set of Vortex PMR 1.45" scope rings and am thinking these might be a little too high. Can anyone recommend a better size? 0.97 or 1.26? Also, does the Nightvision...
  4. eric1911

    Accessories WTS brand new Arken Halo Rings 34mm - 1.45", $40

    WTS brand new Arken Halo Rings 34mm - 1.45" $40 shipped.
  5. Huntinfool

    Rifle Scopes Scope ring advice needed??

    Ok guys I bought a FNAR (I know some of you think it's an ugly rifle!) but any how I had a Leupold 4.5 X 14 X 40 Vari-X 3 mil-dot scope. I have a set of Leupold tactical MK4 1" rings (medium)the only other rings of this style Leupold makes is super high. My mediums are just about 1/8" too low...
  6. R

    Rifle Scopes Ring Question

    I am planning to put a USO 5-25X TPAL on a Rem 700 with a 1.25 inch no taper bbl. I want it as low as possible and I have used the calculations for determining ring height and I cant find anything that takes into account the 20 moa cant in the base I have. Will a set of USO Low rings work...
  7. fusiachi

    Rifle Scopes Flat top receiver & A2 stock ring height?

    Other than what's required to keep the objective clear of the rail, are there any other considerations I should be aware of when determining the proper ring height for a DPMS LR-308 with a flat top & A2 stock?
  8. G

    Rifle Scopes Need help selecting right ring height...

    I am mounting a Falcon 4-14 FFP (30mm tube and 44mm objective) on a CZ 452 American 16 with a HotRod9mm base. I would like to use Seekins rings. Does anyone know the correct ring height for this application? Thanks
  9. C

    Rifle Scopes opinions ought on ADM (American Defense Manu. ring

    Does anyone have any opinions they'd like to share on ADM rings, bases, etc.? I saw them on the Liberty Optics site. I figure if Scott carries them they are probably gtg. Anyone who has actual experience with them and cares to share their opinion would be appreciated. I'm wondering how they...
  10. A

    Rifle Scopes Millet LRS-1, focus ring

    Hi all, I have a Millet LRS-1 and have a question. First off the scope tracks true and the glass is ok for what I use it for. My question is, I noticed that the focus ring is off, meaning that @100yds it is indicating 60-70yds. Beyond 200yds it indicates 100-125yds on the ring. As long as the...
  11. NordicG3K

    Rifle Scopes torquing scope ring hex screws?

    Having spent more on my scope than I have on my rifle I want to make sure I don't screw anything up. The IOR paperwork that came with my scope specifies 12 in/lb max when tightening the scope ring screws. Two novice questions... 1) I've looked for a torque hex head screwdriver, but can't...
  12. daxromana

    Rifle Scopes Seekins Ring Height

    The new 10/22 trainer is almost finished. I have a sported thumb hole stock coming from Clark Custom Guns and plan to mount a Falcon 4-16FFP Scope on top of a Volquartsen Picatinny rail. Stock: http://www.clarkcustomguns.com/images/stocks/tundrabone.jpg Scope Base...
  13. B

    Rifle Scopes two questions, Howa rail, ring height

    1) Who makes a 20MOA 1-piece rail for a Howa 1500/WBY Vanguard besides Roedale precision? 2) I have Leupold low PRW rings holding my scope onto a Roedale rail on my Sako 75 at the moment, the scope sits irritatingly high. What's another quality option for lower 1" rings than the low PRWs, but...
  14. J

    Rifle Scopes Ring height question.

    Guys, I just ordered the new Falcon 5-25x50 and I'm wondering what height I need. I have a 20moa tps base and I'm wanting to get the burris xtreme rings. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. GUNNER75

    Rifle Scopes LaRue LT698 Leupold Power Ring Lever

    Have you guys seen these? I noticed it on there screensaver. Called and have one coming. Not something I would use on every rifle, but darn sure on a couple varmint rigs and one truck gun. I don't know if they are available, but think the part number is LT698. BTW, what great service from...
  16. Triggerhappy

    Rifle Scopes Vortex Strikefire ring height

    Can anyone tell me what the ring height is from the base to the center of the ring. I have an Aimpoint carry handle mount for a 9mm ar15 that I want to possibly co-witness with the Strikefire.
  17. BeerAlchemist

    Rifle Scopes Badger scope ring with Sightron scope question

    Pardon my newbness, spent many years behind pistols, shotguns, and AR's; however, never dealt with bolt actions or long range shooting until now and am rapidly finding out there is much for me to learn in the ways of the long gun. So for my first post on the Sniper's Hide... I recently picked...
  18. padronanniversary

    AIAW ring questions

    Does anyone know if I choose a pictanny rail option what size rings I would need for the Premier and also a USO in SN3 -17 with a 44 mm bell ? say with a badger, seekins, or uso rings ? This is for a AIAW 308 Thanks in advance
  19. D

    Rifle Scopes help me choose scope ring height

    I will be mounting a Leupold VX-III 4.5x14x50 on a Remington 700 5R. I will be using a EGW base and Burris Xtreme Tactical rings. I do not want to use rings higher than necessary. What height should I use?
  20. C

    Rifle Scopes Ring Height "?" for USO 3.8-22 ergo obj.

    As the title mentions... I have a 20 moa base. 3.8-22 USO ergo obj. and butlers. need info on the lowest possible ring height without interference on the butlers. Badgers preferable. Not married to em though. TIA