WTB [WTB] Barrett MRAD 2022 version in 308 or 338 lapua + proof research barrels.

Wanting To Buy

Linn Paing

Apr 2, 2022
Hello everyone, I am a new member on here. I made a new account I have been searching for a barrett MRAD from online shops but most of them are out of stock the the ones that are in stock had shady reviews from reddit.

I am currently looking for a barret MRAD in 308 or 26" 338 LM (black or tungsten preferably) I have a nightforce atacr 7-35 to complement the rifle so a scope will not be necessary thank you. Searching for the 2022 model with the mlok as top priority. I am also searching for proof research carbon fiber barrels for the mrad if anyone has a new one for sale. However, it is not too important as I suppose I can place an order for it online. I live in California so the closer the better.

Thank you for your time reading through the post and hope you all have a great day. Please dm me if there are any sales with pictures and I will do my best to return the message as fast as I can.
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