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  1. coderz

    About To Buy A Rifle in .308 Win Steyr Vs. Bergara Vs. Howa?

    Ok, 6.5 creed is out before anyone says anything. I reload my own ammo, and 30 caliber bullets like .308, 30-06 and eventually .300 PRC are what I want to stick to, but thanks ;). All of these rifles are within a few hundred of each other which makes this hard. I've been eyeballing and just...
  2. SRSpurgeon

    .338 Lapua or stick with my .300 win mag? Long range shooting.

    Hello…to anyone reading this post! (And thank you) I’m in need of some advice from actual people that are long range shooters instead of just YouTube and my husband. Basically, I need some answers without bias. Onward… I come from a lineage of Marines, specifically snipers (both Uncles were...
  3. Linn Paing

    WTB [WTB] Barrett MRAD 2022 version in 308 or 338 lapua + proof research barrels.

    Hello everyone, I am a new member on here. I made a new account I have been searching for a barrett MRAD from online shops but most of them are out of stock the the ones that are in stock had shady reviews from reddit. I am currently looking for a barret MRAD in 308 or 26" 338 LM (black or...
  4. Jthom091

    Looking to Purchase or Build My First 338 Lapua

    I have made up my mind I want to spend the money to purchase a nice 338 Lapua I can not decide whether to purchase or build the rifle I want. I thought about building one using a stillers tac 338 action and an obermeyer 5R barrel but the more I think about it I wonder if there is a factory gun I...
  5. Ring

    Rifle Scopes best scope buys for the cash $, from low to high..

    "best" scopes from... NO red dots, no 1x4 CQB scopes, and all scope should have turrets at least Below 150$ Centerpoint 4-16 "Adventure class" BSA "Sweet" series Tasco mildot / target dot 150-299$ Midway's BSA Tactical FFP and 24x Bushnell Elite 3200 Weaver tac 3-10 300-450$ SWFS SS Nikon...
  6. SWFA

    Rifle Scopes SWFA-SS Tax Day Group Buy: 1-6, 5-20, and more!

    Officially starts April 15th but we're giving you a head start.
  7. D

    OK Now I'm a Quader and It's time to buy a barrel

    I'm going to put a Lilja barrel in the first Quad I mod. I've contacted Dan Stith about his stocks and ordered some bits from Rimfire Tecnologies. I need a 22LR barrel and found that Whittaker Guns only has factory lite barrels. Does any other companies carry the Lilja barrels as a stocked...
  8. jephs422

    Where to buy Desert Tactical?

    I looked on GB, and found one, but can I just buy direct? I am getting ready to sell a lot of hunting rifles to fund this and use this as an "all around" rifle.
  9. GasLight

    .375 .408 Bertram brass group buy

    I am looking into interest in a group buy on the Bertram .375 and .408 CheyTac brass, if you have interest check my post in the Group Buy Section or send me an email. Dave http://snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1272944#Post1272944
  10. RollingThunder51


    Taken over a week ago, here are some shots of the final assembly of the SH group buy Nemesis rifles. All but three (3) have been collected/delivered, a total of 16 rifles in all. Just about evey option was selected on various rifles. Most went out with both case and backpack. I've asked for...
  11. T

    SOE Data Tables Group Buy

    Gents... I have had a few requests that I provide a group buy opportunity for SH shooters. Here's what i'd do... 1. Each data set for %75.00 with instruction book. Regular cost 150.00 2. Each shooter gets to pick his or her own custom load data set that I'd custom create a data set for...
  12. tjonh2001

    Suppressors 1st timer looking for to buy a suppressor

    like is says guys i am in the market for my first silencer. i am wondering is there anyone on the hide that i can purchase from or does it have to be a local dealer. also i am wondering if i have a 6mm suppresor would it also work on my 22-250ai? please help me so i can get one before the...
  13. F

    Suppressors going to buy a new can, have some questions

    its between a sandstorm, 762 sd, and a cyclone. mainly used on a 308 bolt gun, but also on a 300 whisper ar, and other ar. now most people say the 762 sd because of the qd mounts for multiple weapons, but i can put adapters on the other guns and dont mind threadmount cans at all. so any...
  14. R

    Rifle Scopes where to buy these mount clamp & mount bolt?

    I WTB laserscope,but I donot where to buy this mount clamp and mount bolt to use in Picatinny base? I WTB buy the 11mm to Picatinny base,where?
  15. U2AV8R

    DFW CCI primer group buy

    Check out the DFW area CCI primer group buy at: http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1229889#Post1229889
  16. long range fire

    Where to buy AICS 308 (Rem700) magazines?

    Just wondering where I go to buy some magazines. Does AI sell the magazines directly? And are there aftermarket mags for AICS, or are they crappy?
  17. N

    Gunsmithing Where can I buy the same paint Mcmillan uses?

    Where can I buy the same paint Mcmillan uses to paint their stocks, I am looking for the polyurethane pebble finish.
  18. Mag 300

    Rifle Scopes Old link to a US optics special ed SN3 group buy

    looking to see if anyone has a link to a SN3 snipers Hide special edition " had the SH insignia on the scope" that happenened a few years ago scope was an SN3 30 mm tube special moa reticle 3.8 x 22 non illum? Thanks Bill
  19. D

    Good place to buy hogue overmold stock for 10/22

    Who's got the best price, shipping times, cs, etc.. Thanks
  20. Ryan797

    anyone buy a SCAR?

    they got an fn SCAR down at my local gunshop for about 3,300. that's pretty expensive in my opinion for what it is. anyone have one to tell me if it's worth it?