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Alternate Range Weaponized Math

By Ted Hoeger, @Jack Master

Weaponized Math developed by Marc Taylor of Sniper’s Hide Training has changed the way we gather data for our rifles. Doping your rifle has never been so easy. Getting on the shooting line with just your rifle, ammunition, simple calculator and Weaponized Math Worksheet arranged by Frank Galli will put you on target at 1000yds. This process gives you solid data from 100 to 1000 yards at every 100 yard increment.

Weaponized Math Worksheet
Weaponized math worksheet when no data is available

But what do we do if we don’t have a range that has targets at every 100 yards? What if our range has 100, 200, 300, 400, 550650, 700, 800, 900, 1000? Maybe we can’t have 500 and 600 yard targets because of terrain but instead have 550 and 650yds. An X-factor is needed to get us from 400yds to 550yds, then 550yds to 650yds and finally 650yds to 700yds. Once at 700 yards we are back on the currently published X-Factors on the Worksheet.

Weaponized Math Charts

The chart below shows the range of X-factors for alternate distances. These X-factors can be used in the current weaponized math worksheet to match our range’s target distances.

Alternate Range Weaponized Math
Alternate Range Weaponized Math chart

Using this chart, we can now dope our rifles on ranges with targets at any distance. Here is an example of how this chart can be used.

This range has targets at 100, 200, 300, 400, 550650, 700, 800, 900, 1000. Shoot 200, 300 and 400 yards with the worksheet created by Frank. Verify your drops with a water line on target. (400yds = 1.7 mils)

550 Yard Target

  1. In the X-factor Chart, starting on the left go down to the 400yd row (Verified Data) and move across to the 550yd column (Try Dope Distance) and read the X-Factor (1.74)
  2. Multiply your 400yd Drop data by 1.74 (1.7mil x 1.74 = 3.0mil try dope)
  3. Shoot 550 yards and verify your drop. (2.9mil Verified)

650 Yard Target

  1. In the X-factor chart move across the 550yd row to 650yd column and read the X-factor (1.34)
  2. Multiply your 550yd drop by 1.34. (2.9mil x 1.34 = 3.8mil try dope)
  3. Shoot 650yds and verify your drop. (3.9mils)

700 Yard Target

  1. In the X-factor chart move across the 650yd row to 7000yd column and read the X-factor (1.13)
  2. Multiply your 650yd drop by 1.13. (3.9mil x 1.13 = 4.4mil try dope)
  3. Shoot 700yds and verify your drop. (4.5mils)

Now we are back to the standard worksheet that will give us the 800,900,1000yd x-factors. Here is what my Weaponized Math worksheet would look like.

Weaponized Math Worksheet
Worksheet completed

Alternatively, we could have skipped the 650yd target and gone right to 700yds by multiplying our 550 yard data by the x factor for 550 to 700 (1.52). 2.9mil x 1.52 = 4.4mil try dope.

This chart also has the values to work back into a target. At the Alaska range Frank and Marc use, the 900 yd target is hard to get onto. They move from the 800 to the 1000 yard target then back into the 900 yard target. The chart will give you the X-factor to move from 1000 back to 900 (0.82).

With this X-Factor chart and the Weaponized Math Worksheet, we can now dope our rifles at any range with any reasonably distanced targets out to 1000yds.

Original Weaponized Math Chart for Reference

Weaponized Math

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