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Eliminate the Cumulative Errors of Precision Rifle Shooting

If one is “outcome-oriented”, an impact on a piece of steel smaller than the actual torso of a man is a wonderful feeling, especially when followed up by a rapid second impact. It was Predictable because we took an empty space at a firing line, occupied it with our shooting gear, loaded a rifle, dialed elevation on a turret and hit with a cold-bore shot. It was Repeatable because we replicated that impact. But to a great degree, we are not outcome-oriented, we are “process-oriented”, and constantly striving to improve our processes and, if not consciously, subconsciously we are eliminating errors, one-by-one, and grow as shooters.
BallisticsLong Range ShootingMarksmanship

Predictable Weaponized Math and “X-Factor” Voodoo

It’s voodoo. Algorithms utilize our input parameters and spit out numbers representing ballistic come-up.  That is, AFTER the algorithm bounces our bullet’s performance characteristics off the atmospherics conditions provided by link-up to Bluetooth devices that use other algorithms to spit out numbers representing atmospheric condition.  Absolute voodoo I tell you.  No way to figure …