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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Glock 20

    Just for the sake of accurate comparision the 45 ACP can be and is routinely loaded well beyond 875 fps. If the 45 ACP is loaded to it's potential then little difference exist.
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    Rifle Scopes Smart rifle scope

    A lot of groud still needs to be covered before the new age digital technology is ready to replace a good FFP optic with range finding reticle. The ability to pack a quality laser range finding unit capable of accurate ranging at distances beyond 1km, a ballistic computer that is fully user...
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    Rifle Scopes Premier to Nightforce; Would I be downgrading?

    Without a doubt it would be a downgrade. Both are excellent scopes. However the Premier has features not found on the NF. Quality of construction is on par with one another. Optically the Premier is undoubtably better. Now the Premier and NF ATACR is a completely different discussion.
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    Does any of you use a 3 way cutter?

    I have the three way cutten head for my RCBS trimmer. It is a great addition to the trimmer. Well worth the money.
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    Back to reloading, what press???

    I say take a look at the Hornady lock n load AP press. I'm a Hornady guy in general and think they make some excellent products. I had a Dillon 450 once and gave the thing away. But now I'm thinking about picking up a Hornady progressive for my high volume rounds.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Glock Sights

    I recently swapped my G30 sights out for a set of Advantage Tactical. I have been happy with the sights and find them a good value for the money.
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    Member Link Up TEXAS

    Tell me about bay area shooters. Looked at Bayou years ago and the rules didn't agree with me. Where is it? Any caliber our bore size restrictions? What about suppressors? Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Kydex Holsters

    Not true. It depends on the finish. I have used all type of holsters and the only ones that haven't worn on my pistols finishes are my Garrett Industries and Remora holsters. My Comp-tac Spartan was horrible on both parkerized finishes and did leave noticable scratches on my glocks finish...
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    Rifle Scopes Personal Reticle Preference

    I don't know what you have available to you in terms of optics. And from what I hear importing over there can be a PITA. But I will share my experience with such optics. My 338 wears a Premier Heritage 5-25 with the Gen II XR reticle. This reticle is by far my favorite for ELR use. It is...
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    Gunsmithing Sight pushers

    For any number or reasons. It is always better to have the right tool for the job, I might need to swap some sights out in the future, because I like doing things myself. Take your pick. It was a simple question. If you didn't care to answer it why bother?
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    Gunsmithing Sight pushers

    So I am doing a complete rebuild on my Springfield 1911. As such the sights are getting replaced. I already have a tool for the front sight but I don't have a pusher for the rear sights. Who makes a good tool for this?
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    Member Link Up TEXAS

    One more I almost forgot about. Collectors firearms is in Houston. I have been there and they have a great shop full of everything.
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    Member Link Up TEXAS

    I hear Tactical firearms (Katy just outside of Houston) keeps a good selection, but I have never been there. Able Ammo (Located noth of Houston in Huntsville) is normally where I go to locally, they keep a decent inventory. And they there are LOTS of big box stores around Cabela, Bass Pro, and...
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    Member Link Up TEXAS

    Looking for some help. Anyone in the Houston Area have a chronograph I could utilize for an afternoon this week? Mine took is out of commision at present and I need to chorony a new load before this weekend.
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    First impressions of the Hornady powder dispenser

    I personally think everyone should have some method of manually dispensing powder. This devise is am improvement from that but having both methods is ideal. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk