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    Barrel Heat - Diminished Accuracy or....

    What are your cleaning methods for the barrel.Maybe check barrel crown for damage.Also if you are using different loads for SR vs LR it can take 10-12 round for barrel to settle.I once had a 2 inch shift in inpact when switching ammo RL-15 vs AA 2520 .
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    Primer Change: Are Wolf Primers hotter than CCI?

    Wolf Large Rifle run on the cool side. Regards Mike
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    excessive case stretch after one firing with sticking cases

    That seem like a lot of growth for one firing.I have not been a fan of Federal Brass for reloading.I like Lapua and Lake City LR Brass . I do not think that that the length of the case is causing you extraction issues .Factory chambers are usually long in the throat to keep pressure down.If the...
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    Different loads shift POI left/right

    I have seen different powders shift point of impact left or right.For example when I was shooting my Ar-15 .The load with AA2520 would shoot 3 minutes to right compared to Reloader -15 Loads with the same bullet 77SMK. Regards Mike
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    7.62 LC Brass question

    I would sort by Head Stamp and then by weight.But if you are shooting 200-600 yards I do not think you will see a big difference in group size by sorting by weight.Sorting by volume is probably the best method.But that is some times is done by Bench Rest Crowd and Long Range shooters.It is...
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    4 dead Federal 215 primers out of 25 rounds?

    I would pull bullet and remove powder.Then remove primer carefully,Most likely you will find the anvil missing from the primer.You could also check some of your primers from that lot check for defects .(Missing anvil ,lack of priming compound or incorrect size on primer cup. ) Regards Mike
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    Advice for first-time 5.56 reloader

    I would recommend using 77SMK bullet for a 1-7 twist .For an AR-15 I would use LC Brass .Make sure you bump the shoulders at least .002 .Make sure the Primers are seated all the way. For the AR I would recommend Wolf SRM Primers ,CCI Mil Spec ,CCI 450 Or Federal Primers designed for use in an...
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    h-380 in 308 win using heavy bullets for ar-10/m1a?

    Varget and Rl-15 should be fine to use .I think that the H-380 will be to slow to use .My load with 175 SMK are 43.2 with RL-15 in LC-LR Brass .For Varget I used 44 Grains in a LC-LR Case .This was the load I used for 1000 yards .If you are shooting less that that you may be able to back the...
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    h-380 in 308 win using heavy bullets for ar-10/m1a?

    For the M1-A Platform try to stick to IMR 4895 and IMR 4064 .I would also suggest to stay in the Bullet weight range of 150-175 grains .The M1-A gas System and Operating Rod was designed around a specific pressure curve.If you can not find the IMR powders try to stay close to their burn rates...
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    Care to share your favorite 5.56mm/.223 load recipe

    77 SMK 24.1 Grains RL-15 LC Case Wolf SRM Primer 77 SMK 23.2 Grains IMR 8208 LC Case Wolf SRM Primer Regard ,Mike
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    8208 XBR and 308

    It a good powder but it builds up pressure quick.Keep a close eye when developing loads. Regards , Mike
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    Need help with 178gr A-Max load

    I have had good luck with Varget and the 178 A-Max.If I recall correctly I think I jumped them 25 thousands.I was using Lapua Brass and just under 43 grains of Varget.Start lower and work up load for your rifle.If you can not find Varget try some IMR 4064.IMR 4064 shoots great as well.My 4064...
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    White Oak Armament 20", .223 WOA, 1 in 7 twist- Suggested Components

    For my WOA Upper is use 24.2 RL-15 with 77Grain SMK and Lake City Case.For a primer I use Wolf Small Rifle Mag.In my rifle it will shoot around 1/2 MOA.23.2 of IMR 8208 works well also. Regards,Mike r
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    Crimp question.

    If your bullets were loose or moving easy after they were seated . You did not have enough neck tension.If you are using a bushing die you will need to use a different size bushing to get the proper next tension.If it is a regular die you may have to use a different die or use a different...
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    When you use 150s in your 308, what powder?

    I would use IMR 4895 or H4895. Regards, Mike