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    Firearms STI Staccato P Duo w/ RMR w/x300

    I’ll take it per our agreement. Thanks
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    Gunsmithing secant VLD vs tangent ogive VLD.BERGERS

    Re: secant VLD vs tangent ogive VLD.BERGERS Also, If you go to thier web site they have a method listed for "jumping" the vld's and getting good accuracy with them. I had this same internal mag is too short to really stretch bergers I'm not touching the lands either...
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    Gunsmithing Montana 1999 action question

    Re: Montana 1999 action question C'mon boys!!! Ok..just to add a little, Montana 1999 action is in all practicality a Model 70 action. So, I assume the Wyatt's box will work after a little work by the smith (ya the assume word, I know). Is there an aftermarket system for the Mod 70 for...
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    Gunsmithing Montana 1999 action question

    Need some help... I have a rifle built on a Montana 1999 action and here is the issue..the internal box mag is only 3.650 which limits the COAL I want to be at. Has anyone heard of anything aftermarket that I can get to extend the internal box or even find a magazine fed box for this thing...
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    Rifle Scopes EGW

    Re: EGW I have had no issues with my EGW bases. Used one on a 30-378 and it never budged. My current 7STW has one and it is solid all day long.
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    Hunting & Fishing ****** Coyote Decoy in action ****

    Re: ****** Coyote Decoy in action **** "Now go back and tell the rest of your clan the tides are changing my friend, the tides are changing". LOL..gotta love it.
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    Rifle Scopes Has anyone here used SWFA's trade in program?

    Re: Has anyone here used SWFA's trade in program? I've done trades with them as well and have had good results. I have done many trades with Alex at Euro Optics and seem to get similar trade in values with each. They are usually very fair..however all my trades have been glass...not guns.
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    Hunting & Fishing Eberlestock decision??

    Re: Eberlestock decision?? Ya..thats about all I would need it for. I think that is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks Malcolm
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    Hunting & Fishing Eberlestock decision??

    Trying to decide between the X1 and the J104. I doubt I would be using the pack for anything more than day packing out an animal wouldn't be necessary for me. I am leaning towards the X1 but I'm curious if the 104 is superior and thus making the decision easier for me. I can't find...
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    Load data help

    Re: Load data help You might find something on here that might help. Malcolm
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    Re: WHO NEEDS A GUN WHEN YOU'VE GOT AN EAGLE I can't get my dog to fetch shit and these bastards have eagles catching wolves...WTF!!! That was one of the coolest things I've seen in a while.
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    Hunting & Fishing WTF!!!!!!!! Our Tax Dollars at work in Montana!!

    Re: WTF!!!!!!!! Our Tax Dollars at work in Montan This argument is not going to be solved here, I bet you that. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion about the incident, but as already stated we don't know all of the fact. I have been involved in, and continue to conduct investigations and...
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    Rifle Scopes Sportsmans Depot in WA...opinions?

    Re: Sportsmans Depot in WA...opinions? I thought it was Wholesale Sports out of Canada that took over the "Whorehouse". At least that's who took over the Lacey, WA store about .5 miles from my crib. Could be one in the same I guess.
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    Rifle Scopes Clearance between the objective and the barrel ?

    Re: Clearance between the objective and the barrel ? What are you putting this on? If it is a .22 then no worries....but obviously if you are cutting it that close with a bigger bore gun you could have some issues. Is it a heavy barrel...countour wise or is it tapered? Many factors for this...