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    308 AR10 Build Info/Picture Thread

    LR10 6.5 18 in. ballistic barrel, Aero upper, SLR gas block, LMT trigger, LuthAR stock, Leopold 4x12 firedot reticle that I put together and my Weatherby 6.5 DU rifle of the year that I won with a 3x9 Leopold that I got sighted in this past weekend.
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    Help me choose my Elk rig for this season..

    How many time were they hit? I have always said that it Doesn't hurt to get shot! BUT it hurts like hell to get well !!!!!
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    Help me choose my Elk rig for this season..

    LEAVE the 35 rem at home. in a closet or wet basement. 46 years ago I was shot with a 35rem. , thru the car door of a 70 camaro and into me from less that 100 yds. thru the rib cage, missed the heart and stopped against the spine. 10 days in the hospital , and out. maybe it should have been...
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    Out of state purchase

    thank you.
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    Out of state purchase

    like the title said, I live in Wisconsin but travel to Tennessee quite often visiting my daughter. Her home town has a dealer that sells suppressors and all the legal paper work done for you. Can I purchase a suppressor with all the paper work done by them and pick it up and take it home with...
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    Suggestions on 6.5 CM suppressor ???

    I have a 6.5 CM 18" BSF barreled rifle and was wondering what suppressor I should be looking at for Deer hunting.. this will be my 1st and only suppressed rifle. I have decided on a thread on not a quick on/off. looking forward to your suggestions. thank you
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    6.5 Creedmor $300 barrel budget, What would you buy?

    I have a BA 18in barrel that shot 1/2 moa with the mid length gas tube that I took of my rifle because I got a deal on a BSF carbon 18in. and wanted to lighten up my rifle a bit. it is for sale if your interested pm $145 shipped.
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    1911 with a red dot

    Thank You, just sent them an email, could not find a way to log in on their web site, and I have to say That is one beautiful job on your 1911 !!!!
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    1911 with a red dot

    Thank you sending him an email with pistol type and requesting a quote/time frame, again thank you
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    1911 with a red dot

    With old eyes I am "looking" at putting a red dot sight on my 1911 S&W PC carry pistol. has anyone done this and if so where did you find a gun smith to mill the top and tap it for the mounting plate. I am in Wisconsin and cannot seem to find a smith to do this?
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    Savage MSR 10 Long Range conversion

    I have a 6.5 CM barrel 18" BA with gas tube for sale if interested msg me. thanks
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    FS 6.5 creedmore barrel

    Price reduced to $160.00 shipped.
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    FS 6.5 creedmore barrel

    I have a 6.5 Creedmore BA 18" heavy profile barrel and gas tube for sale, $175 shipped. 125 rds thru it , got a lighter weight BSF 18" barrel that I installed instead, trying to lighten up my LR 6.5 creedmore. will accept pay pal. thank you for looking
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    Advice on barrel and barrel length for a 6.5 Creedmore build

    Onthex I will be posting my 18in BA barrel with the gas tube in the next day or 2 after I get pictures and will be asking $175 including shipping is your interested pm me.