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    XLR Chassis Stock

    Is the current wait time still 4-6 weeks?
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    Best 308 factory cartridge for 700 SPS Tactical

    I tried just about everything i could find for my old sps tac and the hornady 168's were the best shooting for my setup.
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    Rifle Scopes zeroing problems

    Turret screws are tight. I'll double check the torque on the base and rings. I did already but couldn't hurt to try again.
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    Rifle Scopes zeroing problems

    Thank you. I will double check it like the video states. When i was shooting, the rifle was as level as it could be.
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    Rifle Scopes zeroing problems

    I took my brand new 700 sps long range 300wm out for the first time yesterday. It has a vortex hs lr scope model 4307, 20 moa base, medium rings. I was zeroing at 200 yds. I then went to 315 yds which i only turned elevation 4 clicks (.5 moa per click) it took a few shots to get on target which...
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    Finally got my Dad's 1970's Rem 700 30-06 BACK

    Thats cool that you were able to get it back.
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    .300 Win Mags - Where are they?

    Mine is nowhere near as cool as the ones posted. But i still like it.
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    $1500 to work with what would you choose?

    I was in my sps tactical 308 with millett scope and a few extras and was way under $1500. It would go from 100 to 800 with dope and be on target first shot every time. I only ever used factory hornady ammo in this rifle. Im in my sps long range 300wm about $1500 with vortex hs lr scope and a...
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    700 SPS Long Range 300wm

    My local gun shop had it. They still had at leadt two there this past weekend in 300wm. The model is 84164
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    700 SPS Long Range 300wm

    Thank you for posting these for me.
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    700 SPS Long Range 300wm

    Well i can email to pics to someone. Not sure if its the new phone or if i am not allowed to post pics yet????
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    700 SPS Long Range 300wm

    Hmmmmm guess the pics didnt work. Freakin new phone.
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    700 SPS Long Range 300wm

    Just picked this up friday. Doesn't seem like many people have one or have seen one. 300wm 26" 1:10 bbl B&C stock Vortex 4-16x50 hs lr scope Med rings 20moa base
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    Remington 700 SPS Long Range

    Replied here too soon. Remington already replied. Its a 1:10.