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    Getting started in Precision Rifle Shooting. (Guide)

    Thank you Boone for taking the time to write this. Not new to shooting but new to precision shooting. Built a custom rifle and learned several items from your post. I'm one of those devil lefties you referred to. Lol
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    The Last Full Measure

    Great Movie! Everything stated above is true. Just watched yesterday.
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    The Enemy Within

    Eye opener for sure. It's worth the watch!
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    The Last Full Measure

    Yes it does look like a good one.
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    Virginia Gun Control Updates

    Just trying to keep you guys out of the courtroom. They scrubbled the internet for months gathering video from participants at C-ville. They dragged several into court using uploaded video.
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    Virginia Gun Control Updates

    Do not use your cell phone while you are there. Read this and let this sink in. Your phone is a weapon and will be used against you. All of the data in that phone is yours and there will be high tech countermeasures deployed there that will be in play. Everything, Everything, Everything on...
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    Virginia Gun Control Updates

    GoPro hundred times better in all aspects.
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    Virginia Gun Control Updates

    Some advice for Monday, take it or leave it. Protect yourself! Wear eye protection, crisis actors will be in your face,chanting and screaming at you. Make sure your eye protection can protect you from liquids as they will have bottles of urine, and even battery acid and maybe worse now...
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    Virginia state of emergency

    mmmm.....didn't VA pass a law back in 2012 that in a state of emergency that "nothing in the Emergency Services and Disaster Law shall be interpreted to limit or prohibit the otherwise lawful possession, carrying, transportation, sale, or transfer of firearms?? This is the language in HB 20...
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    What's going on in Kansas???

    TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) ” The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is giving Kansas legislators extraordinary private briefings about undisclosed security issues. Kansas House members boarded National Guard buses Tuesday for a briefing at a former Air Force base south of Topeka involving DHS and...
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    What's going on in Kansas???

    Kansas Lawmakers, whisked away for secret Homeland Security briefing, call it routine. Something's up. Q back in April 10, 18 said TRUST KANSAS
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    WTS: Atlas Bipods

    Do you have anything left?
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    300 guidance.

    I have a bughole, bartlein 1:8 with a Stiller Tac300 action and Trigger Tech trigger in an XLR Chassis. My gunsmith got his reamer from Sierra and made especially for the 230SMK. I'm curious as to what load you come up with if you use the 230SMK's.
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    Wild-eyed anger on display on debate stage

    Great idea! Replace em all with no one with net worth over 1 mil.
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    Limited Edition Sniper's Hide Data Books from IDB

    Ordered the reloading book today.