1. dustingaunder

    Accessories SOLD: AAC 51T Mounts

    I have a few new in package 51T mounts that I’m probably never going to use. 1/2-28 Flash Hider 5.56 $55 each shipped priority mail. If you want more than 1, the first is $55 and they’re $50 each after that until the flat rate box is full. I have a couple of each. I was fully invested in AAC...
  2. T

    Suppressors In need of an older model flash hider - AAC 18T 1/2 x 28

    I have an AAC 762-SD suppressor (maybe 8-10 yrs old) that I want to use on an AR-15 5.56, but the 18-teeth flash hider adapter required has been discontinued by AAC. I've looked everywhere online for new and used (ebay, gundeals, gunbroker, etc), and have found nothing. I can't get in touch with...
  3. Speedjunkie

    Accessories AAC 51T Blackout Flash Hider 5.56, 1/2-28

    Hi Guys, I was cleaning out my spare parts bin and found a NIB AAC 51T Blackout Flash Hider. 5.56mm caliber. 1/2-28 TPI. Pics here: I'm looking for $100 shipped via discreet Paypal F&F, Paypal G&S +3% or USPS Money Order. I will ship via USPS Priority with tracking. I believe these are...
  4. R

    Accessories SOLD - AAC 51T Brakeout 5/8x24

    Came on a rifle I traded for and I don't need it anymore. First generation from what I can tell, deep socket. $80 shipped OBO 3one9 four 2 nine two two 99
  5. Safety_3rd

    Firearms Thunderbeast 338 SR for sale Form 3, can ship tomorrow

    I've got a Thunderbeast 338 SR, a 5/8-24, and a 3/4-24 brake (I think this is the other one, I will confirm). I bought it to use on my 338 Lapua and the smaller brake to try and shoot it on my 6.5 creed. I've not shot it with the 338, and have 50 rounds of 6.5 through it. Selling to fund...
  6. G


    I have an 7.62 AAC 51T muzzle in excellent condition. Does not come with any shims. Asking SOLD Money Order or PayPal add 3.5%
  7. lowlight

    Area53 for those who questioned the emails

    Area53 has started making AR15s and AR10 variants and last week I got a complete rifle from them based on the offerings that came in the Area53 Marketing Emails that went out to SH Members. The rifle is a 300 BLKOUT, and is built in their Tool-Less Take Down variation. It's simply a bad ass...
  8. powderBurnz

    Suppressors New To Suppressors, persuade me away from AAC.

    I just got my trust setup. I just got a 51t for my rem700AACSD and I just got another 51t perm'd on my 556/ar15. However I have not yet thrown down cash for a 762SDN6. And I am reading and hearing about how inconsistent these are and how nasty the mounting is. Is this all just biased here...
  9. B

    Suppressors AAC 51T Adapters

    Getting a AAC 762-SDN-6, which mounts onto a 51T. Looking for Pros & Cons to: - AAC Blackout Muzzle Brake - AAC Brakeout - AAC Blackout Flash Hider Thanks
  10. Blushin

    Rem 700 AAC-SD Pic Thread

    hey guys, so i know there are threads for 20" rifles and everything else under the sun but i thought it would be cool to have a thread for the Rem 700 sps AAC-SD as a lot of people have been using these for their budget builds including myself. unfortunately i don't have any pics of my rifle...
  11. Silent Shooters

    Suppressors AAC MK-13 Questions

    I am planning on putting one on my POF-308 SBR and just wanted your take on them in this application. 1.Have any of you guys out there ran a MK-13sd on a SBR (12.5")? 2.If so have you noticed any erosion the blast baffle? 3. How does the FDE finish hold up?
  12. NevadaZielmeister

    Suppressors LWRC M6A3 Short Barrel 10.5 inch Rifle with AAC M4-2000 Suppressor in 5.56 NATO

    Gentlemen, Maybe you can help me out, not sure. I have a problem with my rounds "cooking" off in the chamber prior to the primer being impacted by the firing pin. So basically, I am getting the barrel so hot that the rounds are "pre-detonating" when the powder reaches flashpoint. Pretty much...
  13. 300WSM

    Suppressors AAC Ti-Rant 9mm

    anyone got a chance to see this new can in action? Wondering how it does against the SWR Trident 9
  14. Captain Moroni

    Suppressors aac 7.62-SD WTF? Now I got pics up

    ok I have a new AAC muzzle brake for a 7.62-sd the ratchet doesnt engage it seats before it gets that far also when you look at it from a top view it is canted off to the right. what is wrong here? I am going to contact AAC but I thought I would get a faster better answer here
  15. 300WSM

    Suppressors AAC lies

    god I'm sick of their lies... Ordered a can back in Jan which was promised by the dealer in feb-mar. I knew it would take longer and that is not what bothers me. 3 times now I or he has called AAC and each time they have given the same excuse "waiting on flash hiders and finishing it. Should...
  16. Captain Moroni

    Suppressors AAC suppressor pouch???

    I just got my 7.62-SD and I'm wondering if the multicam pouch it came with is going to become melticam when I put the can in it when its hot. It looks different inside than the cheapo black pouches I have see them come with in the past. Either way I'm going to get an SAS from TAB
  17. srv656s

    GAP - Badger M2008 - McSwirly Stock - AAC 762SD

    I got my dream rifle put together by GAP recently and I'm in love with her. Specs: .308 Win Badger M2008 Action 22" Bartlein Barrel 1 in 10 twist M5 Bottom metal Jewell Trigger McMillan A5 stock with KMW loggerhead cheekpiece AAC Blackout flash suppressor AAC 762SD suppressor Nightforce NXS...
  18. S

    Suppressors Free AAC Supressors!!

    Has anyone hear about this. Get a Tattoo with one of their logos, you get a can of up to 1k value. Sounds liek a dea lto me if it is real.
  19. Rigamortous

    Suppressors Sandstorm Gemtech / Surefire / AAC Scar heavy 7.62

    I want to get one more can, this time for the 7.62 I have narrowed down my choice's (or wishlist) to : Sandstorm Gemtech Surefire FA 7.62 SS AAC Scar heavy Anyone have any experience with any of these ? Any complaints ? Also, does anyone know of a dealer that has any of these in stock ? I...
  20. LFOD1776

    Suppressors AAC Cyclops Mini-Review

    Alright boys and girls, since the Form 4 is still pending (since Jan) I finally met up with my class III dealer at the range and we put the rifle together. This little event was really just for fun, and rough sight-in of the scope. Here's what I'm going to be talking about: Now, I beat my...