1. G

    7MM-08 Ackley Improved Help!

    Hey! I have a Bergara B-14 that is currently in 308 Win and want to rebarrel to 7mm-08 AI. If I do go with 7-08 AI it will be a preferred barrel blanks 26" 1:9 twist with .060" freebore. My max Mag length is 2.860". What velocities do you think I should expect using a 140 Berger vld and a 150...
  2. I

    Ackley Mag Question

    Do any of you guys know what needs to be done to get a 243 or 260 AI to feed reliably from a savage sa? I see 5 people that say it works fine and 5 that say you shouldnt try it. Just trying to get some input here. Can it be done, or should I stick with the standard round? Thanks in advance.
  3. A

    280 Ackley is a shooter!

    Here is my last 5 shot 540m (600yrds) 280 Ackley Rem. action Kreiger #6 barrel Badger DBM S/B PMII 3.5-12 McMillian A5 stock Jewell trigger 15oz 168g Berger VLD This group went 2.441 @ 600! I am pretty excited and hope I can repeat it in the field. A light wind pushed it over and I should...
  4. T

    Gunsmithing 22-250 Ackley imp

    Looking for a reamer and head space gauges to beg, borrow, rent, or buy. Much thanks for any help.
  5. jhedg

    Ackley Imp

    New to the AI shooting, just getting some fire forming done, one of my questions is do you guys who shoot the AI get better accuracy after your brass is formed? right now I am getting around .4 [email protected] for 5 shots. just curious. also what are some diffrent ways you guys FF your brass, thanks...
  6. A

    My 280 Ackley

    Here it is- • Rem. 700 LA 280 Ackley • Krieger #6 Barrel 26” • Badger 20 moa one piece base • Badger DBM • McMillan A5 stock • Badger 34mm rings • S&B PMII 3x12 cm click double turn • Cerakote in desert tan • GAP tactical bolt knob The rifle is finally done. It has been a useable project that...
  7. AKA-Spook

    Any '06 Ackley Imp shooters on the board?

    I have an extra Rock Creek barrel and dont want another 300 wsm. Curious about performance with 175's and 190's.
  8. T

    243 ackley

    I currently have an FN SPR action at my smith and he is building me a 243ai 3 groove 8 twist 28" barrel to shoot the 105 class bullets. I am looking for peoples pet loads with velocities. I have not picked a specific bullet that I want I just know I want at least 100gr and yes I know to start...
  9. T

    243 ackley in aics mags?

    I am currently about to do a 243 ackley build and am wondering if the 243 ackley loaded with heavy bullets 100grs and up will fit in the aics mags? thanks scott
  10. B

    6.5x55 BJ Ackley

    Looking for feedback positive or negative on the 6.55 BJ Ackley... Thanks to all who can help.. Bent
  11. T

    22-250 ackley loads

    I just got some vv560 powder for my fast twist 22-250 ai for the 75-80gr bullets. has anybody used this combo with any luck or any similar combo vv560 is relatively the same burn rate as reloader 22. any input helps thanks scott
  12. M

    338 Lapua Magnum Ackley Improved - Reloading Dies

    Just acquired a rifle chambered in 338 Lapua Magnum Ackley Improved (40 degree shoulder). Rifle was chambered by Longshot rifles. The previous owner was borrowing dies from a friend, so they didn't come with the rifle. Anyone have an idea where I could find these? I've tried Hornady and...
  13. J


    Got this in a couple of weeks ago. Just finishing up load development. The rifle is a tackdriver and a joy to shoot. Specs: Trued Remington 700 LA Manners MCST stock Shilen Select Match 1/8 twist #7 contour Jewell triger Badger knob, base, and rings USO 3.2x17x44 Illumionated Red with the new...
  14. J

    Anybody running 280 Ackley??

    Ok, Just got my GAP rifle in the mail. It is chambered for the 280 Ackley and throathed for the 180 VLD. Anybody got any load data for this? I have the Nosler reloading manual to get me started. Going to try and get some rounds through it as soon as possible!
  15. NorCal Vu

    223 Ackley Improved

    What kind of barrel life should I expect? Bullets I should be looking at for long range shooting? Will this caliber get me out to 600yards? I am thinking of building one vs a regular 223. Just need more info. NOBODY..if you are out there..HELP! I know you are a 223 AI fan.
  16. Sendero_Man

    243 Ackley build is getting closer.. NEW PICS

    New pics from the smith today... Stiller TAC30 action Mcmillan A5 stock ABS wrapped rock liner 7.75 twist finish at 26" Rifle basix set at 2 lbs. Badger DM with 2 mags. Badger recoil Stiller pic rail NF 3.5-15x56 waiting on Badger DM and black coat the SS on barrel.
  17. T

    Data for ALL Cals Ackley Imp

    For<span style="font-weight: bold"> ALL </span>Ackley Improved Calibers <span style="font-weight: bold">BE SURE TO INCLUDE "ALL" Details</span>