1. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD APA Little Bastard Gen II 6.5 brake

    Hey fellas, I have a very lightly used (200 rds) APA Little Bastard Gen ii in 6.5mm. Price is $115 shipped conus. PP f&f, or you pay fees, Venmo. Trades: - Harris SBRM 6-9” preferably with ADM QD mount. - Atlas bipod plus cash from me - others considered
  2. The4GunGuy

    Accessories APA Fat Bastard Gen 3 SS - price reduced

    Gen 3 Stainless with all hardware. 5/8 threads, 6.5mm. ~300 rounds through it. $165 shipped.
  3. Timo494

    Accessories APA Little Bastard/Leupold Backcountry

    New unfired 6.5mm APA Little Bastard Gen II self timing brake asking $ SOLD New unmounted Leupold Backcountry 20moa scope base for Tikka T3/T3X asking $50 shipped Would trade towards a KRG bravo in short action rem 700 or 22 creedmoor dies or components.
  4. Billiam1211

    Accessories [SOLD] WTS 2x APA Little Bastards

    I have 2 APA Little Bastards for sale: [sold] Nitride: 6.5mm 5/-24 TPI $120 [sold] Stainless: 30 cal 5/8-24 TPI $100 - the stainless has a very small ding on the baffle from threading into barricades. Nitride is in excellent condition
  5. skulldragr17

    Firearms Robert Gradous 300WM Raffle

    Everyone...please do what you can to donate to the Robert Gradous Family GoFundMe. The link is below. For every $25 you spend, you will receive one entry to win this Gradous rifle. 300WM Deviant hunter action 3 position safety Jewel trigger Custom stock by APA Sunnyhill trigger guard Bipod...
  6. S

    Accessories Apa Little Bastard Gen 1 6.5 brake for sale

    APA Gen 1 Little Bastard for sale $80.00
  7. ogrepraxy

    WTS: Bergara BMP Combo - $1999!

    Due to a back injury that has kept me from competition and work, I am realizing that I am a long way out from being physically able to compete — and so I am selling my entire rig, which is mint or near mint. I have only shot about 50 rounds through it, to site in the scope and break in the...
  8. MLC

    Utah 2013, ELR report

    I took a long weekend and went out to visit my old friend Stephen in Park City,Utah. We hooked up with Sinister(Dave) from here on the hide and headed out the the west desert for some quality time behind our rifles. We had previously connected at 12-1400 on previous jaunts out to the desert and...
  9. B

    Patriot Arms (APA) 6.5x47L

    I had a day off of work so I thought that I'd do some load development on my new APA 6.5x47L. I'd picked up a box of 130 Bergers a few weeks ago and thought I'd give them a shot. I got up this morning and looked around on the net to see what type of powder and how much others were using. I...
  10. Jered Joplin

    Patriot Arms / APA lead times

    I just wanted to take a second and let everyone know where we were at these days. We have been really busy and I have been really distant on this site for the most part. We have had our nose to the grind stone for the last 6 months. Our wait times on complete builds were approaching 11...
  11. oneshot976

    Hunting & Fishing Long Range Ground Hogs with the APA Badger M2008

    I got out yesterday for a little ground hog hunting on the family farm in VA with a few buddies, JHARRIS, 1eyedjack1 and Diesel from here on the hide. Things started a little slow due to the heat but as the day moved on a the evening air began to cool off a bit we started to get into the pigs...
  12. oneshot976

    APA (AKA: Patriot Arms) Badger M2008 update

    Well guys some of you asked for some more pics of my APA Badger M2008 .308win Here are some after it's trip back to APA for Dave to give her barrel a little "trim" to 18.5 inches and install a Surefire adapter for me. Sorry for the picture quality, I am no VTi or Lowlight when it comes...
  13. NorCal Vu

    APA Sako Quad 22 Trainer Range Report *Updated*

    Rifle Specs: Built by American Precision Arms. Sako Quad Action Lilja Barrel chambered for Eley EPS Match. 21" Manners T4 Stock Bedded USO 20MOA Base APA Tactical Bolt Handle Eagle Stock Pack Optics: Nightforce NXS 3-15X 50mm NPR1 The chamber on this rig is so tight Winchester 22 Target...