1. D

    Who owns a 300 wsm ar10T?

    Who owns a 300 wsm ar10T? What accuracy you getting with it and what load you shooting? How is the recoil compared to the 308 version? Is it a good advantage above the 308 and worthy to have besides the 308? What does it seem to like load wise?
  2. N

    AR-10T to a 1000?

    Here's the facts. Stock Armalite AR-10T 24" Shooting 175g Sierra's and 155's Optic choice is a Nightforce NXS F1 3.5x15 MLR reticle Badger 22 moa base ________________________________________ Who's shooting anything like this?
  3. D

    Armalite ar10-T I just bought couple days ago

    Pics of my AR10T I bought. Its used and is a early model of the armalite ar10-T. This is a pic of it before I got it. I did not buy the scope in the pic that was on it. I will be getting the prs stock thats on it in picture shortly but right now did not have enough cash to get the stock also so...
  4. G

    AR-10T barrel, how to tell if it's Lothar Walther?

    I bought a used, complete AR-10T upper with 24" stainless steel heavy barrel a couple of months ago, and I have been trying to find out if it's a Lothar Walther manufactured barrel or not. The guy I got it from did not know. Is there a way to find out if it is a LW barrel by looking at it...
  5. D

    Need some advice on should i get a AR10T?

    I am wanting for what ever reason a AR10T off and on for long time and keep on coming to conclusion they are not as accurate and take some to get use to shoot well and so on. But I keep coming up wanting on every now and then. I am at that fork in the road now again. The deal is I have no cash...
  6. H

    Looking for loads for the AR10T ?

    Hi! Does anyone has good load for the AR10T in 308 Win. with factory 24" 1 in 11.25 ? I have some CCI BR2 ,210M Varget powder 155 Scenar ,167 Scenar 168 Amax 175 SierraMK Thanks in advance!!
  7. D

    Any AR10T owners here?

    Any AR10T owners here? I am thinking on getting one and like to hear some input from you guys on them. Any of you comete in sniper matches and how do you do with them vs using bolt gun. I own a few bolt guns but really like to get a ar10t also. Advise on what I should get? I know they stopped...
  8. D

    Buy or build up a AR10T?

    I need advice. I had wanted off and on for a long time a AR10T and talked myself out of one a few times over the years due to owning bolt guns. I wanted a ar10t od 24". Now it looks like not only they gotten higher but no longer make 24" and only a 20". I can see a 20" with a supressor and...
  9. mtm87tx

    armalite ar-10t vs ar-10tbn

    what is the T model ar10 that is a military over run? what is the difference in this and the standard T model and is it worth 2k?
  10. J

    School me on AR10T

    I pulled in a somewhat of an inpulse buy on an AR10T. What exactly is difference on this stick between other factory ARs. It is on a 16" barrel, it seems these are a bit more rare.
  11. GUNNER75

    AR10T and Suppressor

    Planning on running a suppressor on my AR10T, but unsure of the gas system. Looks like a lot of guys are running suppressors and not messing with the gas system. Bought a Armalite Adjustable Gas block and tube assembly. Didn't think it would bolt up to my rifle due to the fact that I have a...
  12. E

    Range Report AR-10T .243 105 VLD

    I did some more shooting today. This time was with the .243 upper. I thought I found a good load with it but just a little less powder tightened it up a bit. Will load some more and shoot it a 1K and see what happens. Supposed to be very windy for the next few days so....