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  1. Victor Co Heather

    Awesome M14/ M1A armorer tool....

    Not sure how many of you shoot M1As but I found this tool that is bad ass. It does just about everything you could need to work on an M1A. The quality looks amazing, I can't wait to order one... http://battlearmsdevelopment.com
  2. Bubb

    .338 edge awesome accuarcy

    Well I finally got my new rig. Rem 700 all trued up B&C tactical bedded and barrel action coated with baked on finish. wyatts extended box, 26" broughton fluted barrel, opsc. brake, Nightforce scope and first hand load rem brass cci 250 primer, 300 smk 92 grns H1000 and shot a 4 shot group in...
  3. flopduster

    Hunting & Fishing Awesome video...Eagles vs Wolves

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re644qgnCtw&NR=1 I need a couple of those!!
  4. ms6852


    I was very skeptical about using this company since there is not a phone listing in their website. Anyway I broke down and ordered the V-Block barrel stabilizer from them on Tuesday 12 May at about 1800 hrs and received it today @ 1300 hrs Thursday May 14. What next!!! This really blew me...
  5. P

    Rifle Scopes Mark 4 CQ/T, awesome scope

    I looked through a Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T scope today. Simply <span style="font-style: italic">awesome</span> scope. Built like a tank, crystal clear, superbly sharp reticle, all around good design. I left the gun shop wanting to take the Eotech and 4x magnifier off my AR-15 and replace it with...
  6. C

    Advanced Marksmanship Awesome Range Session

    I bought a Marlin 917VS (17 HMR) recently and was happy to report that my groups shrunk by half compared to my previous gun (so it wasn't just me). I have been averaging right at 1 MOA with this rifle (counting all fliers). Today, I was shooting and really focusing on fundamentals. I read a post...
  7. The King

    Gunsmithing Awesome Savage/Vbull/Stockade Build - 263 pics!

    Folks, here is a pictoral we made of a Savage 10FP Lefty build. More Pics!