ballistic calculator

  1. DT1993

    DOPE issues compared to ballistics calculators

    I am shooting hornady factory 6.5 Creedmoor 147gr ammo. Up to 600 yards or so, results from both the Hornady 4DOF app and Applied Ballistics line up with my actual POI. However, at 685 yards both apps call for right around 4.4MRAD and my actual groups are 0.3MRAD below that. At 800 yards, both...
  2. G

    G1 & G7 Tables?

    Hi, I've spent some time googling and haven't had much luck - could someone please point me to the Cd-vs-Mach tables for G1 and G7? As many points as I can get would be ideal. Specifically, I'm pulling together a MATLAB script (possibly a phone app, tbd) for taking actual drop data and...
  3. skulldragr17

    Optics SOLD

    SIG KILO2400ABS Ballistic Rangefinder kit. Used but in great condition. Zero issues with it. $900 shipped No trades
  4. skulldragr17


    Kestrel 5700 Elite w/ LINK -$550 shipped Very slightly used, no scratches or dings. Comes with original box and protective sleeve.
  5. lowlight

    Rifle Scopes This is looking pretty cool, Euro Optics Rianov & ERA TAC

    This arrived today from Jason @ Euro Optics They are carrying the Rianov Ballistic Calculator that attaches to your scope, along with the ERA Tac Adjustable Cant Scope. Just mounted it up and made sure I had the basic settings in place, but overall, I like the package. The MOA Adjustable...
  6. G

    iPhone ballistic solver

    Took me a while to find but I found what I think is the best app for iPhone. It is called Strelok Pro. It has a truing option and you can change to the metric system if needed. This is the closest thing I could find to Atragg on the iPhone.