1. popeyecop

    Gunsmithing cleaning the barrell

    Should the barrell be cleaned while it's hot or should you wait until it cools then clean it.
  2. I

    Gunsmithing Barrell recessed for bolt with a Surgeon SA .308?

    Hi Guys, Given that the Surgeon tread is .950" long compared to the Remy .700" tread, does a barrel which is to be fitted to a Surgeon SA .308 need to be recessed for the bolt/lugs the same as the Remy 700 or can the bolt sit flush? Regards, Irishrifle.
  3. Johncalloway

    .308 bullet for 20" Barrell 1-10 twist

    I don't know if I should go with a lighter bullet because of the shorter barrel. I really only have experience with nosler BT in my 22-250, but I am going to be reloading for my savage 10fp. So I was just getting some info about where I should start. I think I will use the same powder as I...
  4. V

    700PSS barrell life

    any opinions on the barrell life of a 700 pss .308 barrell life, with 800 rounds down the tube and same wear and tear on the action, but well maintained?
  5. V

    Remington 700 PSS barrell round count question?

    some opinions on the life of a 700 pss barrell in .308. the barrell has 800 rounds through it as well as the rest of the rifle, is this rifle near the end of its "accurate" life, even if well maintained?
  6. C

    TRG 42 Barrell Twist

    Is the 1/10 prefered over the 1/12?
  7. W

    AR Barrell Question

    What is/are the differences if any between a barrell used on typical AR platforms vs the ones that are designated for full auto? Specifically I have two POF 5.56 and one P308. If I were to apply for Class III seers for these is that possible?