1. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Benelli super black eagle 3 12gauge

    Selling my 12g benelli sbe3 with walnut stock, 28” barrel, comfort tech stock. Has around 400rounds through it. Comes with standard choke set cylinder, improved modified, full, improved cylinder, and modified. Asking $1400shipped. Gun is in like new condition. Sold!
  2. Mg427

    SOLD Price Lowered - Benelli M2 3-Gun Performance Shop new in case

    Benelli M2 3-Gun Performance Shop new in case 21 inch barrel, shot 5 shells never got in 3 gun sitting in the safe, time to move to a new owner. Shipped $1850 Paypal FF or add 3%
  3. Snaz

    SOLD *SOLD*: Benelli M4 H20

    I'm starting a small business at the moment and trying to get it going without taking out an operating loan. So I'm selling off a bunch of stuff that I don't use to fund the endeavor, which is why I've had so many WTS threads lately. Benelli M4 H2O Tactical 12GA • Gas Operated Semi Auto •...
  4. N

    SOLD Pattern master code black goose benelli/beretta

    I switched to a Winchester shotgun. Good choke in good condition. 55 shipped
  5. Sgposin

    Firearms SOLD. WTS: Benelli M1

    I want to sell my Benelli M1. I purchased the rifle secondhand but do not believe that it is ever been fired. It is in pristine condition. $1000.00 plus shipping Will send to FFL only. Venmo or PayPal. P.m. me for more details or photos.
  6. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Benelli Legacy 20 Gauge

    For sale is a used Benelli Legacy 20 gauge shotgun with 28" barrel. Has some small nicks and scrapes on stock but in good condition 85/100. Comes with extended carlson modified choke. Inertia Driven Operating System Shim Kit included to adjust Drop and Cast Crio Barrel and Choke System uniform...
  7. IdahoHunter208

    SOLD SOLD Browning A5 Stalker 3in 28in 12ga

    Selling my BRAND NEW never fired Browning A5 Stalker. I bought it about a year ago and never ended up taking it out in the field to shoot. It has a 28" barrel and has a 3" chamber. Comes with the original hard case, 3 Invector-DS chokes (full, modified, and improved cylinder), and the choke...
  8. Novak77

    Firearms WTB Benelli M4

    Hey all, Looking for a straight stock (non pistol grip) Benelli M4. Would prefer used, but not abused. Must come from a dealer on your end. Cheers
  9. J

    Firearms For sale *or trade* *price drop*- Benelli m3 super 90

    Older benelli m3 super 90 for sale. Selectable semi/pump action, 3 inch chamber. It's old and has been used extensively, but is in perfect working order. Great shotgun. Price drop to $800 plus the cost of the transfer/shipping from my ffl, or private sale in central florida with ccw ID. Opening...
  10. mtm87tx

    Benelli M4 and 922r with 7+1

    trying to get a clear answer on whether or not i can put a 7 round tube and keep the pistol grip on the benelli M4 i am looking at buying. does it make any difference if the tube is US manufactored and not imported?
  11. R

    WTB Benelli M2 w/ Comfortech stock, ghost rings

    P/N 11029. If you have one for sale, new or used, please email or PM. thx Robert
  12. LibertyOptics

    Benelli M4 or Mossberg 590

    Hope it's OK to post in the rifles section. Hiders, I got one of each, if I can only keep one, which one? I've had good luck with Mossbergs most of my life, but I read on another forum they make good boat anchors. I have the A1 model. The Benelli is sweet, but I had an M1 before and I...
  13. E

    Benelli M4, stock chop, complete.

    Many I have heard dislike the fact that the Benelli M4 stock has a long LOP. It's made for chipmanzee's I suppose. But, for some regualr shaped folks and those wearing armor, it snags, and to pull the gun consciously forward eats seconds away. So I started a thread on how I started to chop the...
  14. Mgordon

    Gunsmithing Benelli M1 Super 90 reliablity problems

    I have Benelli M1 Super 90 12 Ga that does not seem to function with anything less than 3 1/4 Dram loads. I'm getting FTE, FTF I might be new to the Benelli Semi auto game, but this does not seem right. I think it should function with just about any 12 Ga load for the most part. I took the...
  15. J

    Suppressors Benelli M2 Question - 3-gun? Value?

    Okay, have a buddy that has an M2, what's the value of this thing. It comes as seen, side saddle, tube extension, some goofy laser and flashlight that I put no value on at all. Negative item is that it's missing part of the rear sight, who knows what Benelli will charge for this piece...
  16. B

    Suppressors Benelli M1 loading?

    I'm a big Remington shotgun guy, but I've always wanted a Benelli M1 Super 90 so I had the chance to pick one up. My question is that It thought you can some how load the chamber, put one on top of the carrier and have a full magazine, but how the hell do you do it? I played with it and it...
  17. E

    Benelli M4, Too long LOP, so I chopped it.

    I find the Benelli M4's pistol grip buttstock to be waaaayy to long for me. It's difficult to shoulder fast as well cause you have to consciously bring the gun away from your body or it snags on clothes. Beyond that, I don't know how it would ever be able to be shouldered if wearing body...
  18. SSG3K

    Benelli M4 ammo?

    What can I run thru this shotgun? It has a steel shot choke in it now and thats all it says. Can I shoot slugs thru this thing or only pellets? Thanks Rich
  19. Mgordon

    Gunsmithing Benelli M1 Super 90 reliablity issues?

    Hey guys, I just acquired a LNIB Benelli M1 Super 90 and I must say that I love it. I went out to shoot it and it was about every 2 or 3 rounds and it would FTE and FTF. I was shooting new Remington and Winchester 2-3/4, 7-1/2 shot. I will try some heavier stuff, but do Benelli's typically...