1. BgBmBoo

    LEARN ME 'BOUT 3 PIECE REDDING DIES I received my Redding 3 piece die set for my new 6XC...I am pretty new to reloading and have been using all RCBS comp. FL dies for all my loading to date. So now I need to know what to do? I get the bushing setup...and the seating die is straight forward enough....but what do I do with...
  2. locked&loaded

    How 'bout some loading bench pics...

    I'm getting ready to start setting up my loading bench and would like some organization ideas. Just starting with a RC Supreme for the .308 and .223.
  3. 308skinner

    Question bout Wylde chamber

    I have a RRA flattop with the Wylde chamber. Do i need to full length the brass every time or can i just neck size it with this chambering?
  4. libertyman777

    How 'bout some pics of your M40-M40A3 clones/info

    I know there's a major difference between the M40 and the current M40A3 but that's about all I know. If ya'll don't mind sharing, I'd like to know what they cost as well and if you went custom a piece at a time or had the entire rifle built at once by a custom shop. Paul
  5. JRose

    Suppressors 'Bout damn time....

    FINALLY got to pick up my can today! Even shot a few rounds through it and a couple other cans at the dealers shop. Taking her out to play tomorrow...
  6. C

    Gunsmithing How 'bout the carbon fiber barrel????

    Anyone out there tried one of these fancy carbon fibers on there sniper or target rifles. Curious to the accuracy results and such????