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  1. Sniper266

    SOLD White Oak Armament A2 Service Rifle Upper Receiver

    Selling my White Oak Armament National Match A2 Pre-Ban Upper receiver and BCG. This upper has 1/4 MOA pinned rear sight, Hooded rear aperture, .052 front sight, free floating handguards, and the lead weights for the front. The barrel is a Krieger, 1-7 twist, with a 223 Wylde chamber. The...
  2. R

    Charge or Seating Depth first on ladder test?

    I am developing a new load and am unsure whether to run a ladder test on charge weight first, or seating depth first. I usually end up alternating iteratively between the two for a few tests since each influences the other, probably wasting time and rounds, something that I cannot afford to do...
  3. B

    Where to start OAL or powder charge?

    I am new to reloading and now that I have a couple hundred rds through the barrel I want to try to find what it really likes. I have a Remington 700 5R, .308, 24", 1:11.25 twist. If I load to the standard 2.80 OAL I am jumping .155 with SMK 175's and .139 with Scenar 155's. So, my question...
  4. E

    which has more value- powder charge or velocity

    TO clarify my question, I'm dropping a "minimum recommended" powder charge as starting point, But my measured velocities are almost at the maximum. I;m trimming cases to .008 under "sierra" manual. Should I be concerned about bullet depth (OAL)? I'm not sure where to look. Thanks


    I read some where you can use a straw to improve the charge master can some one explain?
  6. Wheres-Waldo

    Charge range? Retumbo/208's...

    Just looking for a conformation on the viable charge range for 208's with Retumbo? I have one instance of data off of the Hide but want some more conformation before I load up some for a velocity match with my best H1000 load. From Berger 210 gr VLD (69.5 - 77.2 gr Retumbo) ??I thought...
  7. birddog28

    Range Report 6.5X47 Starting Powder Charge?

    Just picked up my 6.5 from American Precision (Patriot Arms)... Read all the articles on the round but need to know where to start the powder charge to work up a load. Thanks! Jim
  8. E

    Starting point - Powder Charge for TAC

    Got my Patriot Arms Rem. 700 .308 with a 22 inch barrel and just mounted my USO SN3 TPAL. Now it's time to develope a load. I plan on using the TAC powder I have on hand as it meters well. What do you all suggest for starting and ending charge weights to push 155 gr. Lapua Scenars and 175 gr...
  9. sosicmcise

    Dropped my Varget charge by .5 grains...

    Quick question. I reduced my Varget charge on a 175 SMK load by .5 grains (originally 42.5g now 42.0g) The 42.5g load shot at 2644 through a 3 screen, indoor oahler chronograph. What ammount of velocity reduction do you think I'll see with a .5 grain reduction? Any thoughts would be...
  10. C

    Black Hills 308 match powder and charge weight?

    Anyone know what powder and charge weight Black Hills uses in their 308 win 168gr match rounds? My rifle likes this load but I want to load it myself. Someone help me figure this out please. Thanks
  11. flopduster

    Seating depth or charge weight? Which is primary?

    I am working on a new load for my rifle. I have selected berger 155 hunting vlds and am using r-15. After researching about loading vlds and reading the berger bulletin about them, I selected a near max powder charge of 46.0 grains, then loaded some work up single rounds in half grain...
  12. Jrb572

    Federal gm 210m and charge masters in stock

    Grafs in St. Charles Mo. has 5 1000 count 210 m primers and I saw a 1-2 chargemasters there. I got my thousand for 39 dollars Inc tax. 636-946-7468. Hope somebody needs them hope it helps someone out