1. G

    Rifle Scopes best optic for a 6.8 for close up to good ways out

    just like title says what would you guys recommend for close up and far out work. trying to be able to take the 6.8 out to atleast 700 yards and use it in as a close quarters weapon. i love the acog for my 5.56 ...but just curious to others experiences. i got about 1500 to spend. i have...
  2. Casey Simpson

    RL17 6.5x47L 1st test close range.

    Test Reloader17, 6.5x47L, 120grbullet, CCI#41primer, 92F, 200yds Wind was @5 mph from 5 to 7 o'clock. Mirage increasingly heavy. .0025 neck tension .0010 jump 3.101 oal hex comparator, sinclair no sizer button full length sized 26" 1/8" twist Kreiger AI/AE action 41.3 .5MOA 3072 fpsmv av ES...
  3. lordt313

    whats does it mean when the bolt is hard to close?

    I was shooting yesterday, on my 10th cycle with this brass, and I noticed that I was really having to torque down the bolt handle to get the rifle to chamber, I OAL resize every time and by all measurements the brass is is actually trimmed to 2.006, what would case this difficulty in chambering...
  4. D

    Rifle Scopes Nobody's perfect but USO pretty damn close

    I sent my 1.5-6 back to USO to have a lit reticle installed. I believe the normal price for this is $186.00. They are also building me a 3.2-17. So Becky calls me today and says your SN-3 is ready and will be shipping both scopes soon. About 2hrs later she calls me back and says we made a...
  5. sfikes2

    Movie Theater Very close air support

    MArines and Marine Close, VERY close air support,...ohh- fkkn Rah!
  6. JCH

    Maggie’s Don't fish too close to the water!!

    Look closely at the stomach contents of this Croc.
  7. bowtie4x4295

    Rifle Scopes What is too close to barrel???

    Or is it as long as you don't touch. Just installed my new scope and I can see light between the barrel and the scope bell, maybe big enough to slide a piece of paper. Its a M40 contour, so it's not gonna move much. I really like how it looks, just wanted to make sure I am OK and not playing...
  8. M

    Rifle Scopes How close to bottomed out is O.K. for elev. knob?

    I put a Bushnell 3200 10x on my AR15 with Burris Signature rings with the offset inserts. The combination I came up with gives me a 100 yard zero with only 7 minutes left to go down. Is there any prolem allowing the scope to live like that? I will be shooting out to 1k, so I like having the 93...