1. TinyCrumb

    WTB Bowers Griptastic Suppressor Cover

    Hello. I'm desperately trying to track down a Bowers Griptastic Suppressor Cover in tan. I need at least a 9" … so a 9" or 10" version would be fine. If you have one of these that you'd consider letting go for the right price, please reach out to me! Thank you!
  2. O

    Accessories Dead air sandman s suppressor cover

    New dead air sandman s suppressor cover. $65 paypal shipped.
  3. O

    Accessories ColeTac HTP Suppressor cover

    I picked up a coletac htp suppressor cover in multicam black for a deadair sandman s but ended up getting the corset version so selling this one. Its unused. $80 paypal shipped.
  4. Kpchurch

    Wrap It Up - What Rifle Cover

    Looking at getting a cover to wrap up the scope and looking for recommendations.
  5. Kpchurch

    Suppressors And this happened at Pick-Up...

    Picked up my TBAC Ultra 9 - 6.5 today after work. It’s my first suppressor and really pumped to get to the range. Anyways, while I was waiting for the rep to finish up with another customers paperwork I started looking around to kill time and see what suppressor covers they might have. Next...
  6. T

    Rifle Scopes Help finding scope/muzzle cover

    I am just getting into higher end optics and want to protect them, where can I find a scope cover with muzzle attachment? It seems as though Blackhawk and Voodoo Tactical have discontinued their line.
  7. NordicG3K

    Rifle Scopes IOR lens cover question

    I recently purchased an IOR 2-12x32 (which is really nice!). I'd like to put some lens covers on it, but due to the shape of the eyepiece I'm not sure if this will work. Any suggestions?
  8. BgBmBoo


    Hi Gang. For a living I mfg. dust covers for Ham,PC,and A/V equipment. And I have had a few requests from my shooting and reloading buddies for a cover for the RCBS ChargeMaster. So I slapped together a prototype just to see how much interest there might be for them....AGAIN....THIS IS JUST...
  9. G

    Rifle Scopes USO lens cover size

    Anyone know what size Butler Creeks would fit on a brand-new, still in the box, just shipped to my door USO 3.2-17x44 ? ............and don't even ask why I need them.
  10. J

    Rifle Scopes Butler creek scope cover size for Nightforce NXS

    any help appreciated .I have to order these online . Can someone please let me know the correct size that they have found for the NXS 5.5-22 x 56 Thanks Jason
  11. 1

    Rifle Scopes What Size BC Cover For my NF NXS 32mm Obj?

    Hi all, I'm trying to determine the correct size Butler Creek lens cover for my 2.5-10x32 NF NXS objective. Does anyone one here know the correct size? If so, please share, I'd greatly appreciate it. From another thread (for the 24mm obj), it looks like the ocular uses a size 13. Thanks in...
  12. P

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt&Bender lens cover

    Does anyone know where I can get USMC lens covers for my S&B 3-12x50?
  13. glock10mmman

    Rifle Scopes Scope cover

    I have 3 of the blackhawk scope covers and love em. Only problem is I got a new Burris XTR with sunshade and the Blackhawk wont fit with or without the shunshade. Who makes one that will fit the XTR its 19" tip to tip. Thanks in advance.
  14. A

    Suppressors CAN COVER ASAP

    I need a Can cover like or a TAB GEAR and need it ASAP so ionstock would help.. Thanks,, Frankie...
  15. Mag 300

    what 3 calibers cover 0 to 1600 meters??

    I am looking at consolidating to three " yup only three" Calibers for shooting 308 in a m-21 and a Gap rock " shoots .25 moa" 6cm tubb 2000 this is a great 1000 yd cartridge with 115 dtacs 338 lapua for the stretch have to get an AWM or Make one so will be selling a PAI in 7 WSM Custom 300...
  16. Mustafa

    Rifle Scopes Eotech Cover

    What choices are there for covers for an Eotech with a 4x maginifier? I've seen the scopecoat and GG&G covers, but none of them work with the 4x. Mostly I'm worried about the lens on the 4x anyhow. Anyone know of any good products? Will a Butler Creek cap work for it? Thanks all!
  17. R

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Buttler Creek cover sizes

    I searched but could not find the sizes listed for the 4.5 x 18 x 56 or the fixed 10x eye and objective sizes. If any one can help I would appreciate it, Im looking to pick these up locally today and neglected to measure my scopes this morning before leaving for work. Thanks
  18. S

    Rifle Scopes what lens cover sizes for bush 4200 1.25-4X30?

    What size butler creek lens covers does the bushnell 4200 elite 1.25-4X30 use? I just recieved this scope from an order and i need the lens covers for it. It is going on my extreme 6.8 upper in a larue mount. thanks for your help.
  19. S

    Rifle Scopes Help with Scope Cover Sizing

    I'm trying to order a set of Buttler Creek Flip up scope covers. The problem I'm running into is I can't figure out the correct size. The scope I'm using is a Nikon 4 - 16 X 42. The objective O.D. size is 49.3mm and the eyepiece O.D. size is 44mm. The fit chart for Buttler Creek doen't have...
  20. valentin_84

    Rifle Scopes Scope shade and cover

    I just got a Bushnell 50mm scope and I was wondering where I could find a scope shade and cover for it. Bushnell doesn't make any and I don't know where to look.